7 Habits of Highly Successful Cruise Travelers

7 Habits of Highly Successful Cruise Travelers

Experienced Cruise travelers have learned many lessons and now make Cruise travel look so smooth & easy.

It is these 7 tips that makes their cruise travel so successful!

Use them and you can Cruise like a pro too! 🙂

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Shawn Power 2014 & 2015 American Express Pacesetter Award

Our Agency Honored for the Second Year in a Row… 2015 American Express Pacesetter Award!!

We are humbled and thrilled to be celebrated for the second year in a row with the 2015 American Express Pacesetter Award!

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Is it Safe?

To Be (Afraid) Or Not To Be (Afraid)… That is the Question?

As we sell Cruises, often we are asked if we think it is safe to Travel to Europe in general or in specific to places like Paris, Brussels, Turkey, Egypt, etc.

These questions come up often, especially after events like last week in Brussels.

Want to know our thoughts?

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Machu Picchu Peru cruise extension

A Look At Our Visit To Machu Picchu… the “Lost City of the Incas”

After taking our fabulous Galapagos Cruise back in December we flew to Cuzco, Peru to enjoy a visit to Machu Pichhu…

…out of our extensive travels it was for sure one of our favorite places we’ve visited yet!

Check out our review to help you see if this is a place you’ll want to be placing on your itinerary before/after your Galapagos or other South America Cruise.

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Travel Insurance Image

The One Item You Should Never Go On Your Cruise Vacation Without!

If you have ever booked a Vacation, whether online or in person, you have definitely experienced being asked if you want to add Travel Insurance to your trip or not.

But do you truly know all the things this coverage protects you against and the reasons you should never leave home without it?

If not, this blog post covers exactly that!

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Galapagos Islands exploring rock formations

The Galapagos Islands… For Sure One Of Our Best Cruises Yet!!

Is a Galapagos Islands Cruise on your radar?

It was for us too… BUT we had no idea how amazed we would be & that this trip would rank up there as one of our top trips out of the 90 plus vacations we have done to date!!

You won’t believe how Beautiful it is in the Galapagos until you see it personally but in the mean time this blog will get you very close.

Enjoy! 🙂

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