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where do river cruises go around the world?

River Cruise Lesson Part 2: WHERE Can You Go and WHO Can You Cruise With?

For our blog post last month we told you all about why River Cruising is such a popular and highly rated way to travel the World.

Today, we get more in depth into River Cruises and share with you where you can visit on a River Cruise and what companies are best to go with.

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River Cruise Review

If You’ve Never Taken A River Cruise… Isn’t It About Time You Did?

River Cruises are not only an amazing way to travel but have been the fastest growing segment in the travel industry the past few years.

If you have never been on a River Cruise, you may be wondering what all the fuss is about?

If so, click continue below to learn why River Cruises are so popular and why our personal 12 River Cruises that we have done have been some of our best ever Vacations!

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7 Habits of Highly Successful Cruise Travelers

7 Habits of Highly Successful Cruise Travelers

Experienced Cruise travelers have learned many lessons and now make Cruise travel look so smooth & easy.

It is these 7 tips that makes their cruise travel so successful!

Use them and you can Cruise like a pro too! 🙂

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Travel Insurance Image

The One Item You Should Never Go On Your Cruise Vacation Without!

If you have ever booked a Vacation, whether online or in person, you have definitely experienced being asked if you want to add Travel Insurance to your trip or not.

But do you truly know all the things this coverage protects you against and the reasons you should never leave home without it?

If not, this blog post covers exactly that!

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American Express Travel award Shawn Power

Our Agency Honored with the 2014 American Express Pacesetter Award!!

We are humbled and thrilled to be celebrated for having received the 2014 American Express Pacesetter Award!

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5 reasons to take a longer cruise

5 Reasons to Take a Longer Cruise?

We love taking long Cruise Vacations!

Have you ever pondered the idea but decided against it as you were not quite sure how you would handle being on a Cruise ship that long?

If yes, then we suggest you read this short article that might just change your mind and will save you from the blues of HAVING to come home after a quick one week vacation!

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