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Is the Culinar class on Oceania Marina worth it?

Is It Worth Upgrading From The Big Ship/Mass Market Cruise Lines To Oceania?

If you have been on several Big Ship/Mainstream Ocean Cruises and are now ready to step onboard a better quality line or are simply curious about how they are different onboard, then this blog will answer those questions.

We go into detail about Oceania, an “Upper Premium” Cruiseline who we believe is worth checking out… this post will give a good feel for what is the next step up from big ship/mainstream Cruising.

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River Cruise Review

If You’ve Never Taken A River Cruise… Isn’t It About Time You Did?

River Cruises are not only an amazing way to travel but have been the fastest growing segment in the travel industry the past few years.

If you have never been on a River Cruise, you may be wondering what all the fuss is about?

If so, click continue below to learn why River Cruises are so popular and why our personal 12 River Cruises that we have done have been some of our best ever Vacations!

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A River Cruise in Europe

Ever Considered Taking A River Cruise?

Right now River Cruises are the hottest and fastest growing segment in the Travel Industry.

Just about all of our personal Cruises so far have been Ocean Cruises but our 1 River Cruise that we did was one of our best Vacations ever!!

This blog post covers why taking a River Cruise is one of the most popular Vacation options these days and why we plan to do a LOT more River Cruising in the near Future.

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The difference between cruising on luxury ships verses mainstream ships

Guide to Cruising on Luxury Ships VS Mainstream Ships!

After taking 29 Cruises, we have noticed there are MANY differences between Cruising on Luxury Ships vs Mainstream Ships.

Take a look at our review of why Luxury Ships are unique and special… it may be different then what you think!

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