River Cruise Review

If You’ve Never Taken A River Cruise… Isn’t It About Time You Did?

River Cruises are not only an amazing way to travel but have been the fastest growing segment in the travel industry the past few years.

If you have never been on a River Cruise, you may be wondering what all the fuss is about?

If so, click continue below to learn why River Cruises are so popular and why our personal 12 River Cruises that we have done have been some of our best ever Vacations!

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egypt river cruises review

Here Is A Look At Our “Nile” River Cruise in Egypt!

Here is a review of our Nile River Cruise that we recently took in Egypt… it was on our bucket list for years!!

The ancient sights were breathtaking and featured mind-blowing feats of engineering and the Egyptian people were gracious and kind-unlike the pictures portrayed at CNN.

Click continue to see our pictures and read all about it.

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paul guaguin tahiti cruise

Our Review Of Our Tahiti and French Polynesia Cruise with “Paul Gauguin” Cruises

Here is our recap of our Paul Gauguin Cruise in Tahiti & French Polynesia… it truly is a Paradise to be seen!

The reefs and coral were crystal clear, the culture fascinating, the sunsets were extraordinary and the ship was, well, you will have to…

…Click continue to see our pictures and read all about it! 🙂

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Nancy & Shawn's Christmas 2016

Happy Holidays!!

Happy Holidays from “Your Trusted Cruise Experts”, Nancy & Shawn Power!!

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rock formation from our river cruise with Avalon Waterways

Highlights of Our “Lower Danube” River Cruise in Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia & Hungary

Here is a look at our “Lower Danube” River Cruise that we recently experienced onboard the “Avalon Passion” River Cruise ship.

After having sailed almost every River in Europe we for sure would not say this is the most scenic River in Europe or one you would want to try for your 1st River Cruise but once you have enjoyed some of the other scenic Rivers this is a great place to go to see the very different way of life that those who live in Eastern Europe experience!

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celebrity royal suite patio

Celebrity’s New “Suite Class” Perks & Amenities Have Made Big Ship Cruising Great Again!!

There are many reasons why veteran Cruisers like us choose to stay away from mainstream big ship cruises but Celebrity Cruises has promised to WOW luxury cruisers who join them in a Suite so we had to go onboard and see what it was all about.

Do they have as good a “Suite” product as they say they do?

Continue reading to find out!

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