5 Money Saving Tips To Help YOU Travel

travel fund piggy bankHere are 5 Money Saving Tips To Help YOU Travel more.

Most people like to travel but some find it hard to put funds away to do so or wish they could travel even more. It’s a big problem especially in this economy.  But
there’s good news!  Even if you travel a fair bit, NOT practicing these tips could be draining your travel bank account. So perk up your ears and pay attention! You’ll be hitting the runway again before you know it with these solid money saving tips.

And why bother doing all this?

Because vacations are one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself and your family including…

  • Peace of mind.
  • Relaxation.
  • A Full night sleep.
  • Vitamin D from the warm sun.
  • Mental clarity.
  • Quality time with yourself and your loved ones.
  • Having Fun…
  • … The benefits go on and on.

travel picture

Over the years we have become not only Cruise Experts, but also experts on putting funds aside for travel. Most years we are savvy enough with our money to take 12 weeks of vacation a year… not bad right?

But no matter how many vacations YOU take a year, these money saving tips are easy for anyone to do & will be helpful.

Here are a few golden tips to reaching your Vacation Fund goals:

receipt picture1.  Track your expenses: This takes discipline but it is one of the best actions to take full control of your hard earned money and your travel account. Like tracking your food intake for one day, if you don’t write it down, you may just forget you ate it, so here’s an easy way to keep track. Get in the habit of asking for and keeping ALL receipts. Sitting down as a family monthly, you will be amazed at what you are spending your precious cash on and how much. It WILL shock you. Talk about what you could cut out or limit (like those expensive Starbucks lattes) and put it toward your next great vacation!

recycle sign2. Recycle. Visit your local recycling store and get a list of what can be recycled and start thinking about compartmentalizing before you throw something in the garbage. It takes bit of practice but it will become second nature to you. Easily sort by having a few separate boxes. One for plastic, one for glass… you get the picture. This easy step can put hundreds of dollars in your travel fund and again, prevent waste build up the environment. We are a BIG proponent of this!


Energy Saving picture3. Preserve energy. This might sound silly, but be conscious to turn off the lights behind you. Why have every light on in your house when you’re only using a portion of it at one time anyways. A household’s energy bill can be atrocious. By switching the light to off, the environment will thank you and since the bill payments at the end of the month will be less, your bank account will thank you. Take the savings difference and put it into your travel fund.

Club Travel picture4. Purchase a travel club membership.  A private membership will give you the very best discounts on accommodations, which is the most expensive part of traveling. To find the best one, look for a club that offers the most flexible booking times, the best rates and biggest inventory of Spacious accommodations. That’s where you will save money. Beware of travel clubs that promote the best or lowest rates on airfare, cruises or car rentals as although they may be slightly less then buying direct, they will NEVER beat prices you can find online elsewhere.

garage full of stuff5. Don’t get trapped into “keeping up with the Jones’s”. Seriously! Did you know for example, that the rich and ultra rich do not drive the majority of the expensive cars on the market? It’s true. Rich and ultra rich folks don’t have to “look” the part because they “are” rich and generally tend to hide it. They have nothing to prove. Which means, it’s more common for average to high income earners to spend most of their earnings trying to “look the part”. Don’t fall into that trap. Be the wiser and choose a better quality of life filled with “experiences” rather than “things”, like we talk about in our Free eBook called “Stop Collecting Stuff and Start Creating Memories: 9 Great Reasons to Travel Now”.

So there you have it!

Each of these tips we have used personally. We know they work, so please give them a try, they will work for you too!

Question… Did you find this blog useful? Let us know by commenting below. AND if you have a good tip for saving money that would add depth to the travel jar, let us know that too!

We Appreciate You!

Nancy & Shawn

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