6 Things To Do in Toronto, Canada

Toronto CanadaAfter chasing the sun & warmth the last 4 months in the Southern United States & The Caribbean, we made our way to Toronto, Canada to spend some time with friends and family.


Surprisingly, we really enjoy the cool crisp air on our cheeks. It’s quite refreshing. But startling is the
deep freeze periods, where the temperature drops to minus 15 Celsius or so. (That’s around 5 Fahrenheit for our American friends) A quick dash for the car or inside any building with heat is welcome at this point. 🙂


That’s Canada for you. She keeps us in suspense. There’s never a dull moment weather wise!


But no matter the time of year, if you visit Toronto, Canada, dabble in it’s scenery. Plunge into it’s multi-culturism. And dive into all it’s attractions and fun!


Since we haven’t visited this famous Canadian City in quite some time, we couldn’t wait to indulge personally and then give you some “Must See and Do” tips:


Here they are:


CN Tower It is a famous landmark for Canada and a Wonder of the Modern World. It holds two world titles: the tallest completed freestanding structure on land, and the second highest public observation deck that stands at 446.5 m (1,465 ft). She offers spectacular views, a “not for the faint at heart” glass floor, a motion theater ride and fantastic shopping. We were going to include eating at the 360 restaurant, but the reviews from locals were not impressive so it wasn’t worth the mention.

CN Tower


Niagara Falls is an enormously popular tourist destination. Beside the obvious Niagara River and famous Falls which will have you forever spell-bound, there is so much to do there, that it deserves many, many posts. We included a great tourism site to help you plan your visit. We highly recommend at least one full day trip to this fun destination.

Niagara Falls Ontario


Canada’s Wonderland is an exciting amusement park that has 200 attractions, with 69 action-packed rides and a 20 acre water park. You can enjoy this park from May to October yearly. Just keep in mind the rides are a little faster and crazier then what you would experience at somewhere like Disneyland or Walt Disney World. Keep this is mind with your small children.

Canada's Wonderworld


Professional Sports Events such as Toronto Blue Jays, or Toronto Maple Leafs, or Toronto Raptors. Click on either one you want to attend to get your tickets.

Toronto Maple Leafs Hockey


Arts and Theater Toronto has it all! Check out this site to select your favorite choices.

Toronto Theater



Toronto Zoo is one of the largest in the world and is home to over 5,000 animals illustrating over 500 distinct species.

Toronto Zoo Cubs


It’s no wonder Toronto, Canada is among the world’s top international tourist destinations.

Those are just 6 suggestions to keep you busy while visiting. But you may just find yourself visiting again as there is so much more to see and do.


Happy Traveling in Canada.


We Appreciate You!


Nancy & Shawn


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