A family gave out gifts on the plane!

The strangest yet nicest thing happened yesterday while we got up in the air to cruising altitude on our flight to San Diego from Maui

…and in all the time we have been flying, we have never seen or heard of this happen before.

Just before that incident happened, we were settling into our seats in first class (we treated ourselves and used some extra points for the long flight :-)) only to find a couple sitting next to us with a baby.

Now honestly, we were hoping to catch a little shut eye being in those larger seats, but after seeing the baby right next to us- we weren’t really sure if that plan was going to happen. 🙂

Then as the plane straightened out and we were permitted to get up from our seats, the father of the newborn got up from his seat, looked at us and said, “Our baby may get a little noisy at times, so we just wanted to say we are sorry in advance and we want you to have this” and then he handed both of us two cellophane wrapped gifts and went on to the next row of seats. (There were 16 of us in first class and they did it for everyone!)

We looked at each other in disbelief, “Did that just happen?”

We couldn’t believe it.

How classy & thoughtful!

Gifts Nancy & Shawn Power received from considerate parents

There’s the cute little note & gifts we received! 🙂

Looking at the gifts (earplugs, aspirin, chocolate, gum, chap-stick & cards) you could tell they were wrapped with care because they had decorative stickers on them with a nice ribbon and a piece of pink paper inside with nice lettering that said,


I’m 10 months old and this is my first flight.

In case I get antsy, I wanted to give you a bag of goodies to make your flight a little easier.


Skylar- seat 3D & F”

People amaze us all the time with generosity and genuine thoughtfulness, it’s a beautiful thing!

Perhaps that’s why we stay away from the news and TV, just because it causes us to lack faith that the world IS good

…just thought we’d share that with you today and hopefully it’ll make you smile as it did us! 🙂

We appreciate you!

Nancy & Shawn

P.S. Skylar ended up having a great flight and never cried or screamed at all… if she had though, after her parents thoughtfulness, no matter how loud she got we would have thought she was the cutest little thing… which she was! 🙂

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