A sample of traditional Newfoundland foods worth trying!

Coming home to Newfoundland is such a treat as I get to not only visit with family but I also get to taste many of my favorite Newfoundland foods that I grew up loving… and speaking of… I thought it perfect timing to give you a sample of some Newfoundland cooking right now.

You’ll notice it’s just me, Nancy (hence the “I”), writing this post today, because Shawn wouldn’t go near some of these traditional foods with a ten foot pole whereas I will try just about any type of food you put in front of me… “within reason”. 🙂

(No worries though… Shawn still gets to visit his favorite chicken place, pizza place, etc. when home. :-))

And after reading the list below, you’ll probably say to yourself, “well, no wonder she’ll eat just about anything… look at the foods she grew up on!” 🙂

Generation after generation many of the dishes of the first settlers are eaten still today, which when you think about it, is quite amazing considering the fact that the type, taste and preparation of the foods were 100% influenced based on the fact that they didn’t have refrigeration or fancy kitchens back then.

That said, I am super excited to share a piece of our heritage with you today especially because I’m sure you may find some of the dish’s “quite unique” which is all the more fun for me to post about it … to get a reaction from you! 🙂

Actually, I remember mom telling a story of having friends from the mainland down for a visit and she would purposefully “not” tell them what the dish was so they would at least try it. That particular dish is in the list below, see if you can’t guess which one it is!?

Today is your opportunity to open yourself up to a new culture, particularly native foods from another region of the world other then your own… like we talk about in our Free eBook, trying new things provides much more fun and enrichment in your life,  so I encourage you to sample some of our delicious Newfoundland cooking on your next visit.

Newfoundland's Fish and Chips

Newfoundland's Fish and Chips

….worst case if you’re not open to trying any of the list below- the fresh Atlantic “fish and chips” dish made to order daily will surely melt in your mouth! 🙂

Here is a list of some of the Newfoundland foods worth trying:

1. Lobster Tomalley. It’s that green stuff that sits in the back of a lobster head and tail that most people have no idea what it is.  I remember my grandfather feeding it to me as a baby, to us it’s considered a delicacy, and it’s creamy and really delicious. Try it!

2. Cod Tongues.  Yep, you heard me right, cod tongues, and it is exactly that. Fried (everything was fried back then) in a pan, people either like or dislike them mainly because of the texture primarily or the thoughts of eating tongue. 🙂 But when fried up, it’s scrumptiously one of my favorites!.  Actually, I’d have a hard time choosing between which to pop into my mouth first, a piece of Atlantic lobster or a cod tongue. 🙂

A picture of cod tongues in a frying pan

Fried Cod Tongues

3. Seal Flippers. This flavorful dish is a very old traditional one! Usually presented on the menu as “flipper pie”. If you have never tasted it, the meat is rich and dark in color and it’s taste is also rich with flavor.  Another favorite meal of mine!

4. Peas Pudding.  This is one most people have probably had.. It’s actually split peas, but prepared a special way … wrapped in a clothe bag, tied and then cooked in a specific vegetable stock for approximately 3 hours … I LOVE it!  We usually eat it with #5…

5. Jigs Dinner.  This dinner takes all day to make, and at home, people will flock to your door step typically when they can smell the aroma of it coming from your house … it’s that good and that delicious!  It’s a meal of vegetables, salt meat, and peas pudding all cooked in the very same stock pot. Yummy.

6. Fisherman’s Brewis with drawn butter and scrunchions.  A combination of salted fish, hard bread and potatoes with a flour/milk/salt/butter sauce poured over top, and then scrunchions- salted port fat that is cut up into small pieces, fried and drizzled over top. Definitely a good traditional meal to try!

So there you have it, a small sampling of some of the tasty traditional Newfoundland cooking, ones that will definitely keep me going back to my roots for more and hopefully you too.

Don’t forget to add a comment below after your experience tasting some of our favorite traditional Newfoundland foods.

We appreciate You!


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