When visiting the Amalfi Coast be sure to visit the town of Amalfi!

“Visit the Town of Amalfi!”… that’s one answer that should be given to the question, “What to do on the Amalfi Coast when visiting during a Mediterranean Cruise?”

Personally, we thought the town of Amalfi in the Province of Salerno was a gem!

Now we have to admit, we’d heard of the Amalfi Coast many times before our first ever visit to Italy (being a UNESCO World Heritage Site it was on our “bucket list”) and heard how beautiful & scenic the Coast was and that we had to go there but we didn’t actually know there was a town itself called Amalfi.

We sure are happy we learned about Amalfi though and paid a visit to this charming town that’s surrounded by dramatic cliffs & coastal scenery.

Now you can get to Almalfi a couple of ways…

…by road… and we have heard the drive is amazing but have also heard it can be a little slow with huge amounts of tourist traffic and that it can be a little un-nerving with the small, curvy roads that look down over dramatic cliffs. ☺

Or you can get there how we did… by boat. Our ride started and returned to Salerno (that’s where our Cruise Ship docked) and we have to say… it was awesome!!

The scenery from the water looking up these cliffs and at the changing landscape & towns was truly breath-takingit was the Italy we’d always pictured!!

Scenes of the Amalfi Coast from Nancy & Shawn's boat tour from Salerno

Scenes of the Amalfi Coast


Scenes of the Amalfi Coast from Nancy & Shawn's boat tour from Salerno

Scenes of the Amalfi Coast


Scenes of the Amalfi Coast from Nancy & Shawn's boat tour from Salerno

Scenes of the Amalfi Coast


Scenes of the Amalfi Coast from Nancy & Shawn's boat tour from Salerno

Scenes of the Amalfi Coast


And once we arrived in the town of Amalfi itself, experiencing the Italy we always pictured continued…

…first off, once you arrive in the town square you see the Amalfi Cathedral… Wowtalk about a dramatically designed structure!


The Amalfi Cathedral

The Italian Weddings/Christenings/Celebrations, etc. that have been held there over the years must have been something else!

The fun really begins though as you stroll down the town’s main street… there are lots of shops, places to sit and people watch, places to grab a gelato, a slice of pizza (the birthplace of pizza, Naples, is only 35 KMs away), and of course…

…places to taste, buy or sit down and enjoy the region’s famous liquor… Limoncello! (If you want to bring some home as a souvenir from Italy, this is the place to get it. ☺)

Amalfi also helped us understand why cars are made so small in Italy and other European countries… even though the town’s main street could only fit 3-4 people across it side by side they still drive cars down the tiny streets… check it out. ☺

So there you have it… the Town of Amalfi

…a place not to be missed when in Italy visiting the famous Amalfi Coast!

If you want to experience what “La Dolce Vita” (the sweet life) is all about, this is definitely a great way to do just that! ☺

To see more pictures of our time in Amalfi visit our Amalfi & Mediterranean Cruise photo & video gallery.

We appreciate You.

Nancy & Shawn
Your Trusted Cruise Experts!

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4 Responses

  1. Jennifer July 25, 2011 at 5:12 PM #

    Oh, beautiful! We were recently in Italy ourselves, but unfortunately didn’t have the time to schedule in a few days along the Amalfi Coast. Looking at your photos makes me certain that a return visit will have to be in our family’s future. Thanks.

    • Nancy & Shawn Power July 25, 2011 at 11:35 PM #

      Oh yes Jennifer, a boat tour with the entire family… Fun! Great camera shots too for your memories bank account! 🙂


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