Beautiful Video from Hawaii on the Island of Oahu

Diamond Head in Oahu, HawaiiRecently we decided we’re going to spend 5-6 weeks in Hawaii in September & October exploring the Beautiful Islands… we’ve already been there twice in 2006 & 2007 but definitely a place we doubt we’d ever grow tired of! 🙂

Oh, and while there we’ll be staying at & checking out/reviewing a bunch of our International Travel Club’s Resorts and sharing our thoughts and the great deals available… so stay tuned. 🙂 (You can learn more here about our Travel Club, how to access it’s private discounted deals and how to become a member… FYI, in Hawaii alone you’ll have access to over 40 resorts)

So with Hawaii planned for 7 weeks from now, as you can imagine, we’re excited for our trip and are spending lots of time online getting the best information, planning our time there, checking out pics/videos, etc, and…

… we just had to share a blog post/video with you today from a fellow travel blogger at

We really like this travel blog as a Hawaii resource as 1, Sheila has a huge passion for Hawaii which is pretty evident after spending a few minutes on her site and 2, the info is totally written for the Hawaii visitor and from their point of view as that’s what Sheila is… a frequent Hawaii visitor, not someone working for a bunch of Hawaiian corporations.

And this blog post is one we really enjoyed because 1, we learned of a new place to visit on Oahu while there (The Kualoa Ranch which looks like tons of fun) and 2, the video is pretty much… amazing!!

It makes us want to drop everything and go there now! 🙂

(And it makes us realize our video-making skills have a long way to go. :-))

Here’s Sheila’s Post…we hope you enjoy it!

We appreciate You!

Nancy & Shawn

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