Today we had fun sampling some of the best snorkeling on the Big Island in Hawaii!

There is no shortage of fun to be had on the Big Island in Hawaii (as we showed you the last couple of days) so today we tried our snorkel gear out at some of the best snorkeling on the Big Island.

Is it good snorkeling for beginners?

Yup, these are both excellent spots for both beginners (which we consider ourselves) and for more advanced snorkelers too…

We snorkeled at Kahalu’u Beach Park (aka turtle beach) and Ho’okena Beach Park, which were highly recommended to us by Grant at who specializes in snorkeling in Hawaii and the “places to be” if you want to see turtles, dolphins, and loads of colorful fish”.

Although we didn’t get to see dolphins today, we still had fun snapping a few pictures and videos of all the cool stuff we got to see…

…Oh yes, almost forgot to mention.  When you come to the second snorkel stop at the Ho’okena Beach Park, there you’ll also find the Pu’uhonau O Honaunau National Historic Park. It was once a place of refuge for Hawaiian Warriors that gives you a glimpse back into Hawaiian history.

You can check it all out below…


Just a little story for you…


At our second snorkeling park stop we unfortunately witnessed a gentleman being pulled out of the water as the ambulance sirens were getting closer in the background, it was a sombering site.

The reason we’re telling you this is not to frighten you away from snorkeling (we had a blast today despite this tragedy), but we wanted to impress upon you the importance of SAFETY.

If you have had health issues and/or are concerned about your health, or are a little cautious for any reason, for goodness sakes find a beach with lifeguards in it and don’t settle for less, it could save your life or the life of a loved one!  Why risk it.

Not sure about you, but we are seriously considering taking CPR courses again after seeing that because you just don’t know what can happen, and preparation goes a long way ….plus we could save lives if needed.

Anyways, just give it all some thought and more importantly be safe out there in the water, K?


Another quick story (and no, it’s not depressing)…


… actually it’s more like a confession.

This morning we didn’t want to go snorkeling. OK, “Nancy” didn’t want to go snorkeling. She was happy to stay in her comfy bed at 7am and NOT get the early start on the best part of day for snorkeling. 🙂

But, once we got out there at the first beach, we had a blast! …and you know, as we talk about in our Free eBook, that’s what it’s all about, having as much fun as you can, right? 🙂

Besides, the best times to be had are usually when you’re not in the mood, ever notice that? 🙂

Now, get your butt over here to Kona, Hawaii and experience some of the best snorkeling on the Big Island and let your friends know that these two spots are perfect for snorkeling for beginners too! 🙂

We appreciate You!

Nancy & Shawn

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