Beware… Before Checking Out A Timeshare!

As it’s the middle of the Summer right now, millions of North Americans are enjoying their Summer Vacations.

How about you?… have you enjoyed a great get-away yet this year or have one coming up?

"Free" offer example to attend a timeshare presentation

Here’s an example of a “freebie” that may be offered to you to entice you to go to a Timeshare or Vacation Club presentation

Either way, one thing you’ll probably come across during your trip (whether you travel to Hawaii, Vegas, Florida, Arizona, Branson Missouri, Whistler, etc.) is someone offering you a great “deal” on a short get-away or show tickets, dinner, tours, etc. in exchange for attending a “no-obligation” 90 min presentation about Vacation ownership.

Now, if you’ve done any traveling at all, you’ll know
what we’re talking about… we’ve
all seen these sales people hanging out in the main tourist areas offering these “special deals”.

But maybe, like many travelers out there, you’ve never taken the time to check out one of these presentations.

Well, if you haven’t, and before you ever do, make sure to check out this popular article (it’s one of the highest read blogs on our site) that we wrote after our first timeshare presentation experience back in October, 2011…

…by reading this it can help you avoid common costly mistakes, learn a few shocking things about these presentations and get the scoop on Vacation ownership, plus it can:

1. Save you up to 4 hours or more of wasted Vacation time

2. Save you thousands of dollars that you didn’t plan on spending during your Vacation

3. Teach you a better way to staying at these great Vacation resorts without the hassles of high upfront costs, maintenance fees, blackout dates, etc.

Here’s the article


We appreciate you.

Nancy and Shawn

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