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Tulip Time

A Review of Our Tulip Time River Cruise… Was It Good?

Here is a look at our “Holland & Belgium At Tulip Time” River Cruise that we recently experienced onboard the “Avalon Luminary” River Cruise ship.

This cruise is all about a specific time of year when the Tulip Flowers come into bloom and we got to “Stop and Smell the Roses” this past spring. 🙂

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rock formation from our river cruise with Avalon Waterways

Highlights of Our “Lower Danube” River Cruise in Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia & Hungary

Here is a look at our “Lower Danube” River Cruise that we recently experienced onboard the “Avalon Passion” River Cruise ship.

After having sailed almost every River in Europe we for sure would not say this is the most scenic River in Europe or one you would want to try for your 1st River Cruise but once you have enjoyed some of the other scenic Rivers this is a great place to go to see the very different way of life that those who live in Eastern Europe experience!

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Nancy and Shawn Power in Paris on A Avalon River Cruise

Our Review Of Our “Paris & Normandy” River Cruise in France

Here is a day to day description of our Paris and Normandy River Cruise in France that we recently did.

It is a very scenic river cruise and the port stops had us jumping out of bed in the morning in anticipation of what we were going to see next!

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Here’s what an Amazing River Cruise looks like

Recently we wrote 2 articles about why River Cruising is so popular and about all the great places you can visit on a River Cruise.

Well today, we wanted to give you a LOOK at how awesome River Cruising can be…

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So, Where Is Your River Cruise Going To Go?

Our last blog post revisited a popular post of ours that talked about why River Cruising is such a great way to travel… this post revisits the follow up article that covers what destinations River Cruises go to & what companies you can do a River Cruise with.

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River Cruise on the Nile in Egypt

Where Can You Visit On A River Cruise?

In our last blog post we talked about why taking a River Cruise is one of the most popular Vacation options these days.

Today we share the amazing destinations you can visit while on a River Cruise and we tell you who the main River Cruise Lines are who will take you there.

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