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Africa River Cruise & Safari with AMA Waterways review

Our Favorite Cruises- Part 2!!

5 years ago, after our first 27 Cruises, we wrote a blog post describing what our Favorite Cruises up to that point had been.

Now that we have done 56 Cruises we figured it was time to update our Favorite Cruises to give you some great ideas for your next sailing.

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celebrity royal suite patio

Celebrity’s New “Suite Class” Perks & Amenities Have Made Big Ship Cruising Great Again!!

There are many reasons why veteran Cruisers like us choose to stay away from mainstream big ship cruises but Celebrity Cruises has promised to WOW luxury cruisers who join them in a Suite so we had to go onboard and see what it was all about.

Do they have as good a “Suite” product as they say they do?

Continue reading to find out!

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Celebrity Silhouette Caribbean Cruise

Our “Celebrity Silhouette” Cruise… how did she score?

Recently we took a Cruise with Celebrity on their Solstice-class ship called Celebrity Silhouette.

Ever been? If not, you may want to consider, especially after we tell you about the brand new Suite Perks for 2015!!

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The Beautiful town of Taormina in Sicily, Italy

Taormina, Sicily, Italy is a gem not to be missed!

When in Sicily, Italy do not miss checking out the quaint town of Taormina…

…the views from this cliff-side town are truly some of the best we have ever seen!

Click Continue to see what our day in Taromina was like during our Mediterranean Cruise.

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Cruise Destinations Around The World

12 Unique Cruise Itineraries!

If you know Cruising well you have probably heard of the most popular itineraries like Caribbean Cruises, Hawaii ones, ones to Mexico, the Mediterranean, the Panama Canal, etc.

Have you ever wanted to do something really unique though… an off-the-beaten-path Cruise destination?

If so, check out these 12 Unique Cruise Itineraries!

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Nancy & Shawn Power sailing from Vancouver on their Wedding Day

Our Favorite Cruises

Every time we tell someone how much we have Cruised they always ask what Cruise has been our favorite.

As it is impossible to pick just one, today we cover our Top 9 Favorite Cruises.

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