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Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

Thoughts From Our Black Sea Cruise

For 12 nights we enjoyed a Black Sea Cruise on Crystal Cruises.

Where is the Black Sea you ask?

Click continue to find out and to hear what we thought of this unique part of the World.

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Crystal Cruise Symphony Ship

So Is The Difference “Crystal Clear”… We’d Certainly Say So!

Last month we experienced our 1st ever sailing with Crystal Cruises on a trip to the Black Sea… WOW!

No wonder Crystal Cruises has been the top rated Cruiseline for 19 years in a row!

Click continue to hear our thoughts about our time onboard & you can also check out our pictures & videos gallery of our Cruise.

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Cruise Destinations Around The World

12 Unique Cruise Itineraries!

If you know Cruising well you have probably heard of the most popular itineraries like Caribbean Cruises, Hawaii ones, ones to Mexico, the Mediterranean, the Panama Canal, etc.

Have you ever wanted to do something really unique though… an off-the-beaten-path Cruise destination?

If so, check out these 12 Unique Cruise Itineraries!

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