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Nancy & Shawn Power in London, England

9 Things NOT To Miss When Visiting London, England!

We were recently in London, England for 4 nights after a British Isles Cruise and in this blog we tell you about the best things to do and see & we give some excellent tips & advice on how to make your port stop or vacation in London a great one!

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Nyhavn District in Copenhagen

Visiting Copenhagen Before, After or During Your Cruise? Learn About This Great City Here.

5 days ago we set sail on our British Isles Cruise from Copenhagen… during our 2nd visit here we were reminded of how great a City Copenhagen is!

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Rick Steves taking a Cruise

Rick Steves: The Biggest Skeptic of Cruises Turns Advocate!

Rick Steves shocked us all!!

By stepping foot onto a Cruise ship and then mentioning how it can save you money to Cruise through Europe rather then travel on your own & other reasons that gives details of more benefits that make it a winning way to see Europe.

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A view of Stockholm while taking a boat tour around the city

Things to see in Stockholm, Sweden

During our Cruise to some of the major Baltic Sea cities, we spent some time in Stockholm, Sweden.

What a Beautiful place to check out!

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A look at the medieval city walls that surround Tallinn, Estonia

Check out our pictures of Tallinn, Estonia

During our Baltic Sea Cruise, a highlight was visiting Tallinn, Estonia…

…a beautiful, historic & charming city!

Here are our pictures of Tallinn, Estonia… enjoy!

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Church on Split Blood in Saint Petersburg, Russia

Top 8 things to do in Saint Petersburg, Russia

When visiting Saint Petersburg, Russia one thing you cannot say is there is not a lot to see and do there! 🙂

This world class city has lots of culture, history and amazing experiences waiting for you!

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