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where do river cruises go around the world?

River Cruise Lesson Part 2: WHERE Can You Go and WHO Can You Cruise With?

For our blog post last month we told you all about why River Cruising is such a popular and highly rated way to travel the World.

Today, we get more in depth into River Cruises and share with you where you can visit on a River Cruise and what companies are best to go with.

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rock formation from our river cruise with Avalon Waterways

Highlights of Our “Lower Danube” River Cruise in Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia & Hungary

Here is a look at our “Lower Danube” River Cruise that we recently experienced onboard the “Avalon Passion” River Cruise ship.

After having sailed almost every River in Europe we for sure would not say this is the most scenic River in Europe or one you would want to try for your 1st River Cruise but once you have enjoyed some of the other scenic Rivers this is a great place to go to see the very different way of life that those who live in Eastern Europe experience!

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Nancy and shawn power portugal river cruise review

Our Review Of Our Douro River Cruise in Portugal & Spain

Here is a day to day description of our Douro River Cruise in Portugal & Spain… it was an incredibly scenic River Cruise!

The sights were beautiful, the culture incredible and scenes from the river were extraordinary!

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Athens, Greece

Athens, Greece… for sure a Fabulous Cruise Port in the Mediterranean!

Later today we are flying to Athens, Greece to start a Cruise… have you been to Athens before?

If not click continue to check out our Athens blog post to see what you are missing and why you may want to make sure it is a part of your next Cruise in Europe.

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Is it Safe?

To Be (Afraid) Or Not To Be (Afraid)… That is the Question?

As we sell Cruises, often we are asked if we think it is safe to Travel to Europe in general or in specific to places like Paris, Brussels, Turkey, Egypt, etc.

These questions come up often, especially after events like last week in Brussels.

Want to know our thoughts?

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Rhine Gorge AMA waterways river cruise

Our Review Of Our “Rhine” River Cruise through Netherlands, Germany & France

Our 9th River Cruise was on the popular Rhine River. Now we know why people love this River Cruise itinerary- it is truly stunning!!

Our experience in the region was incredible and the views we had from the ship as we sailed were phenomenal… Seriously. 🙂

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