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A portrait of india Tauck land tour review

There is Only One Word to Describe Our India Land Tour Experience with Tauck… INCREDIBLE!

Here is our recap of our “Portraits of India” Land Tour with Tauck… it might sound cliche to say “this was another trip of a lifetime” but it truly was!

Tauck is a tour company that we without a doubt know will take you on an Epic journey and will keep surprising you at every turn, and we are not exaggerating one bit when we say that. The way we were treated, the world class accommodations we enjoyed, the wow experiences during our explorations of some of the most fascinating cities in India… was a trip to remember!!!

Click continue to see our pictures and read all about it. Prepare to be wowed… we certainly were!!

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Nancy & Shawn Power at the Taj Mahal

A Cruise Isn’t Going To Your Vacation Destination? No Worries, We Sell Land Tours Too!!

Over the years many of our clients have asked us, besides Cruises, can we help them book other trips such as All-Inclusives, Land Tours, trips to Disney/Vegas, etc.?

Till last year, our answer was always No… but did you know last year we started selling Land Tours too?

If not, click continue to learn why a Land Tour may be a good option for one of your Future Vacations & see which company we recommend you go with.

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Our Tauck Tour review

Do You Guys Also Sell Land Tours? Why Yes, We Do! :-)

You know we are “Your Trusted Cruise Experts” and always will be but we want to announce that we are now also selling Land Tours… exclusively with Tauck.

Because their reputation is excellant for River Cruises & Small Ship Ocean Cruises we just did a Land Tour with them to try out what a Land Tour is like… and based on that experience, in this post, we want to share with you what it was like & the reasons why we think they are a great addition as a Travel Choice for you on some of your Future Vacations.

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