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Cathedral Rock in Sedona, Arizona

There's "Cathedral Rock" in Sedona, Arizona where we hiked up yesterday

In general, people don’t have much sympathy for us because we travel full-time…

…if we were to complain, nobody would listen. 🙂 So, we don’t bother telling people it’s not easy going from city to city each week trying to figure out what is the best way to spend our time in the new town or city we are visiting.

Two days ago for instance, we arrived in Sedona, Arizona and there’s a gigantic list of things to do and see here. (click here to see it for yourself)

Our first pick though from the list was to hike to “Cathedral Rock”…

…ever heard of it?

As you may or may not know, Sedona is a hiking mecca but we choose this particular one because the reviews were excellent, Nicole at the concierge desk said it was her personal favorite and she also said it has the best views of the surrounding mountainous red rock and perfect picture taking opportunities…

…say no more, we were all over it! 🙂

The video below shows you some clips from our hike, but what we were not prepared for was the steep and sometimes slippery rocks we had to climb- up through the gaps in the mountain… fun!!

Let’s just say, we were a bit nervous on the way up thinking that it was going to be difficult coming back down, but in actual fact, it was easier climbing down the rocks then it was going up…

…plus, if the grey haired lady who passed us along the trail could do it, then so could we! 🙂

You just need to have your whits about you, that’s all… and wear good support on your feet!

When we got back to the very start of the trail, about 3 hours later, (which included enjoying the gorgeous view: aka catching our breath :-), picture taking and lunch) there were lots of visitors standing around taking pictures of that very mountain we just climbed. The view, even from there was spectacular…

But, you know what … we felt proud! We felt like we got up close and personal with the mountain and really experienced it. We put our hands on it and had our lunch standing on top of one of the peaks. These people unfortunately would not experience what we did just by taking a picture from down here.

Not even close.

All in all, we were so happy that we did the hike, it was a great experience!

Check out our video we prepared for you and…

Happy Hiking!

(Tip: For best viewing click the Full Screen mode in the very bottom right corner of the video!)

In a couple of days, we’re doing a “Sunset Tour” of the Grand Canyon… keep an eye out later the week for our pics & review… should be good!

We Appreciate You,

Nancy & Shawn

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