Did you know all this about Hawaii?

Map of the Hawaiian Islands

As we’re going to be starting our 5-6 week journey in Hawaii tonight (our flight for Honolulu leaves at 6pm) we decided for today’s blog post we would do a “Facts about Hawaii” article to get you well versed on this beautiful state before we soon start reporting “live” from there. 🙂

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Continuing on…

After thinking for a few minutes about what to write we said to each other, “better idea, let’s let an expert do the talking.”

So with that said, today we’re going to share a great article called “50 Facts about Hawaii” written by Sheila over at GoVisitHawaii.com.

We love following Sheila’s blog posts and learning all about this destination from her as she really knows Hawaii inside-out and upside-downwe’ve truly learned tons from her! 🙂

So make sure to visit her “50 Facts about Hawaii” article now and test how much you know about the “Aloha State”.

Enjoy! 🙂

We appreciate you!

Nancy & Shawn

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