Forget plastic surgery, here's an easier way to have younger looking skin. :-)

Why do women (and some men) spend all this money on plastic surgery to look younger when there’s much eaier ways to have younger looking skin?


Ok, Ok we totally get the fact that women take that route because it makes them feel better about themselves when they look in the mirror and we respect that, especially with all the magazines constantly pushing women to look a certain way all the time instead of just being themselves….

But then we got to thinking and had to share a couple of pictures with you, which, by-the-way, we’ve never shown anyone before.

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You know what we mean right? We’re sure you have witnessed this before with friends or family who just got back from vacation. There’s just something different about them, a younger, more refreshed look, even more attractive (well ok, maybe not for family… but you know what we mean:-)).

Today we wanted to share with you a little more proof that trips and travel for leisure really do take years of aging off of our lives!

Like we said earlier, we’ve never shared these pictures before… we have a couple of pictures particularly of Nancy while on vacation that we both refused to put on any of our blogs in the past because we both agreed that they looked too “plasticy”… if there’s such a word. 🙂

And No, she didn’t do anything to her face except put sunscreen on… we Swear! 🙂

Have a look at these pictures and see for yourself:

Nancy at a Cancun Resort

There’s Nancy looking tired & baggy-eyed on Day 1 of a recent vacation… that’s what work and “life” do to you! 🙂









Nancy & Shawn taking some pics in Halifax, Nova Scotia

There’s Nancy on around Day 19 looking younger, less wrinkled with a better complexion… the wonders of travel! 🙂











Still looking fresh! :-)

Still looking fresh on Day # 21! If only she could vacation forever… no more skin care would be needed. 🙂













Did you see the proof?

No surgery, just pure relaxing on vacation.

Anyways, the whole point of showing you these pictures was to prove the point that vacations are just a wonderful thing to keep a person of any gender and any age- younger looking and healthier, period!

So don’t forget to get your years worth of youthfulness by traveling! Take full advantage of it now.

Results guaranteed! 🙂

We appreciate You!

Nancy & Shawn

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