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Hey Travel & Cruise Lovers. Logo- Your Trusted Cruise Experts!As you know, we’re avid Cruisers and love that method of Vacationing more then anything else… when you consider we’ve taken 29 now since becoming a couple 9 years ago, we’re guessing that’s pretty apparent. 🙂

Many of you also know that Shawn is a top expert Cruise Consultant, having helped thousands of people plan & book their Cruise Vacations…

…between his mega-personal experience from the ships we’ve been on and his un-ending desire to learn everything he can about the industry, he truly knows Cruises inside out and can help you plan that perfect Cruise Vacation without you having to waste hours online trying to figure it out yourself.

So with all that said, we’ve recently branded as…

…a 100% Cruise focused site.

For the last year or so we’ve been talking about all kinds of travel on our site and also have recommended different Travel products.

But to keep things easy for our readers who love Cruisers, everything that you receive from us from here on will be all about Cruises…

…the hottest Cruise tips, the latest Cruise news, the best Cruise deals, etc.

Now to get this info you can simply bookmark our site and drop back anytime you choose.

To get the most value out of our knowledge & deals we have to offer though, the best option is to sign up for our Exclusive “Cruise News & Top Deals” email list.

By doing so (since you have to answer a few questions to get on the list) you’ll be receiving only the deals that will be most relevant to you & which will interest you the most… this of course will save you tons of time as you won’t have to cut through all the clutter out there as we all know what internet “information overload” is like. 🙂

Simply visit here to join the list and for doing so we’re going to give you a Special FREE Bonus to enjoy on your next Cruise that you book with us.

And when you’re ready to book that Cruise, simply contact Shawn and he’ll be Happy to take great care of you!

We look forward to sharing our “insiders” information & passion for Cruising with you over the years to come and helping you enjoy some amazing Cruise deals so you’ll be getting great value for the Vacation dollars you spend!

We appreciate You!

Nancy & Shawn Power
Your Trusted Cruise Experts

P.S. Already dreaming about your next, or 1st, Cruise but aren’t sure where to go?  Then check out our Cruise Vacations Photo & Video Gallery for some great ideas. 🙂

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