5 Fun Reasons to Take the Whole Family to Panama City Beach, Florida

Panama City Beach, FloridaThis may sound a little contradictory… us “childless”, telling you what to do with your children while visiting Panama City Beach, Florida. 🙂 … but we couldn’t help notice all the fun and excitement a family could have together and how easy it would be to keep the kids happy and busy playing while you join in or simply sit back and take it easy.

Starting the car, we were like kids in a candy shop as we took our very first drive to see what this city had to offer. Besides it’s emerald beaches that span for miles, we couldn’t help but notice some subtle differences it holds compared to what we are used to at home.

Our eyes get first glimpse of a resident bird painted in unique colors.  A new voice hosting a popular radio station we’ve never heard.  A Waffle House restaurant around every corner that offered grits with breakfast (being Canadians – we’d never tasted it before but reminds us of cream of wheat). The friendliness of the southern drawl every time a local spoke to us (which we could listen to all day- we love it so much) and just waiting in anticipation for what we’d see around the next corner as we kept driving…

… Ok, we were mainly looking for the first Walmart we could find to get groceries and toothpaste :-), but we did manage to appreciate our surroundings and all it had to offer including these top five activities you will want to consider when visiting with your family:

1. Spend the day at Gulf World Marine Park

2. For a game of mini golf and finding your way through a maze go to Coconut Creek Family Fun Park

3. Wonder Works has great ratings and fun for the entire family.

Ripley's Believe It or Not4. On a rainy day choose Ripley’s Believe It or Not It’s a great place to be entertained and to beat cabin fever.

5. Test your racing skills at Panama Dunes Adventure Park

With access to year round sunshine, beautiful beaches, adventure parks and Walmart (yup, we found it) there’s no doubt this city will bring you and your family a boat load of entertainment and enjoyment.

If you have been to Panama City Beach before and tried other activities we didn’t list here that you think is worth a mention, please let us know about it. You know we are all about sharing good tips for our fellow travelers. 🙂

Ok, that’s it from us in Panama City Beach… we’re off to Tampa, Florida later today and we’ll check in with you from there soon.

We Appreciate You,

Nancy & Shawn

P.S.  You can see some pictures & videos from our time here in Panama City Beach, Florida by visiting our photo & video gallery.