Group Vacations

Welcome to our “Hosted Group Vacations” page!

Since May, 2008 we’ve hosted several group vacations where we enjoyed great trips with other travel lovers.

Twice we’ve Cruised the Caribbean (once Eastern & once Western) and another time we did a “Yangtze River” Cruise & Land Tour in China.

Each time there were around 20 or so of us and we have to say, all those trips have been Fun, Fun, Fun!! 🙂

Nancy & Shawn's past "Hosted Group Vacations".
It’s hard to explain why, but out of our 70+ trips that we’ve done together as a couple, these group trips have been some of the most enjoyable & memorable!

There’s simply something special about sharing Group Vacations with others.

Of course, we love our “just the two of us” vacations too, but ending each adventurous day by having dinner with a group of friends, everyone sharing their fun-filled experience that day, is simply… Amazing! 🙂

Now besides all the emotional ooey, gooey reasons of why it’s nice to take Group Vacations, there are many BIG benefits & “Smart” reasons to travel with a Hosted Group.

  • You get a better deal then by traveling on your own… buying in bulk has it’s perks! 🙂
  • Because the Cruise line is getting so much business from one source, they award us “EXTRA GOODIES” like on-board spending credits or a free bottle of champagne or private parties, for example
  • NO WORRIES! When you Cruise with a group you don’t have to do any of the planning.  The group hosts (that’s us) pick the trip, date, arrange pricing, etc.  You just pay, show up and have a great time
  • Safety in numbers.  When we went to China for example, many of our fellow travelers said they were intimated to go on their own as a couple but loved traveling with a dozen plus other people who were coming from the same area, had the same interests, etc.

So as you can see, there are lots of great reasons to take an upcoming vacation with a “Hosted” group.

Now, where are we going next you ask?

Well, we’re going to need your help on that! 🙂

So, a question for you:

Thanks for voting… we look forward to enjoying group vacations with you personally in the near future!! 🙂

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