A Hotel Room vs a Condo at a Resort… our video showing it’s no contest!

Nancy & Shawn's Hotel Room in San Diego

There’s our tiny Hotel room in San Diego… we’ve been spoiled the last few weeks staying in multiple-room condos

If you’ve been following our blog posts the past month or so at NancyandShawnPower.com you’ll know we’re part of an International Travel Club which allows us to stay in great resorts at over 5000 places around the world for hugely discounted prices

…in Hawaii for example, in just 4 weeks, we saved $4,415.00 compared to what we would have paid if we had booked our stays at regular retail price by either booking through the resorts directly or through sites that many of the general public use like Expedia, Travelocity, etc.

Yes, those online booking engines claim to have the lowest prices, guaranteed, but they’re comparing to other “public” booking sites… they’re not comparing to our “private” travel club membership that savvy travelers like us use (we’ve been on almost 80 vacations together as a couple the past 9 years) as their prices don’t even come close to ours…

…we routinely save 50-80% & more off what the online booking engines are charging.

Feel free to check out our videos of our resort reviews and deals we’ve experienced so far… as you’ll see from the places we’ve been staying and the savings we’ve been getting we’re VERY happy members! 🙂

But back to the point of this blog post which is why stay at a condo in a resort in the first place… why not just stay at a hotel?

Now just a little disclaimer, before we joined our Travel Club earlier this year, we stayed at Hotels 100% of the time during our vacations (besides when we were on Cruise Ships) as we knew nothing about the condo/resort options while traveling…

…of course we’d heard of timeshares but they seemed very expensive and had too many restrictions for us so hotels it was. (Happily we figured out the secret path around the expensive timeshare option! Click here to learn why we’d never buy a timeshare and why you may never want to either!)

Until recently we thought hotels were great.

But after spending the past bunch of weeks in Hawaii staying in multiple bedroom/multiple bathroom condos and then coming to San Diego for the week and staying in a Hotel…

our minds are totally changed!! 🙂

Our hotel room… one tiny bathroom and one tiny general room with a bed, chair, TV and desk… uggg!

And don’t get us wrong, this isn’t some crappy little motel, it’s a Sheraton, but we can’t believe how small it feels compared to our resorts the past few weeks!

There’s no kitchen here, no balcony, no homely feel and it’s loud and expensive!

The other morning we were awoke by a little guy who was running around screaming about something he was excited to tell Dad… now we were happy for him of course, :-), but we could have done without the connecting door between our rooms that allowed us to take in the early morning conversation! 🙂

And as mentioned, the Hotel’s price… let’s just say we paid well over double last week’s $398 for the week stay we had in Maui which was 4-5 times the size of this little hotel room…

…safe to say, we’ll be using our International Travel Club membership to book as many of our stays as possible as we travel over the years!! (Happily we have condos booked for our upcoming stays the next few weeks in Anaheim, Vegas, Sedona & Phoenix.)

So as travel experts and savvy travelers our advice to you

before you book that next trip and pay the high retail prices for a dinky little hotel room, make sure to at least check out what a Travel Club is so you know there are options and who knows, maybe like us you’ll join the club and become super happy members like us…

…and then you can brag to your friends about the amazing deal you got on your most recent vacation!! 🙂

By the way, here’s a video showing you our hotel room this week… compare that to our videos of our resort stays.

We appreciate you.

Nancy & Shawn