How To Decrease Heart Attacks by 32%?

The answer to this blog post’s subject???

…regularly vacation!! 🙂

Relaxing During Vacation... Great For Your Health!!

Relaxing During Vacation… Great For Your Health!!

Did you know, in a 2008 New York Times article titled, “Vacations Are Good for You, Medically Speaking” they mentioned there have been studies done that show men who don’t regularly vacation, compared to those who do, are…

32% more likely to die of Heart Attacks…


And although that was done particularly regarding men, we’re sure results for women would say similar things too.

Now, we’re not naive, we know regular vacations aren’t the only answer to having better health and allowing you to live longer…

…of course diet, exercise, stress levels, personal habits, etc. all make a huge difference…

…but we certainly do believe that study backs up what we talked about in Chapter # 1 of our Free eBook… that a Great Reason to Travel Now is, “For your Health!!”

We’re sure most anyone would agree with us that stress levels are super high with our world being so busy, busy, busy… with the economy being shaky, with technology and changes moving at a super fast pace, etc.

So more then ever we all need to…

Slow Down!!

And vacations are definitely the best way we know to do just that!

Time off/chilling out at home is of course a good thing as well but there’s always chores to be done, a phone ringing, an email box blinging, etc.

Not till we get away and get out of our normal settings do most of us truly relax!

For starters, the average person sleeps 1 extra hour per day while vacationing… now we doubt many will complain about that little travel perk. ☺

But we all know beyond that how good it can feel to not have to cook, clean, make a bed, deal with work or a boss, have to worry about the yard work, cleaning the car, etc.

And even better are the feelings of relaxation, happiness & health that come over you when strolling down a beach, taking a swim in the warm sun, watching a beautiful sunset, seeing the kids smile after experiencing something new, have experienced an amazing dinner, etc.

Oh yah, if you’re still in your working years and you’re finding yourself not 100% as effective & efficient as you want to be at the office (or maybe your boss is the one pointing these things out ☺) we all know getting “away from it all” for a week or two allows us to come back to work more energized, focused & efficient! ☺

So for us, we intentionally made “For your Health” as Reason # 1 in our Free eBook as we know from many personal experiences travel & vacations are awesome for your Health and we also know your health is super important as without it…

not much else matters!

We encourage you to book that next vacation soon (and even better, make them super regular by being a member of a Travel Club just like we are! ☺) so you can reap all the health benefits that you’ll experience!

We appreciate You.

Nancy & Shawn

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