A waitress and a movie… not bad!

Shawn loves going to movies, Nancy does not.

She says, “Theaters are dirty, people put their feet up on your seat, and one time an older gentleman was trying to leave his seat and as he stumbled over my feet he began farting uncontrollably. He didn’t do it on purpose, but you can imagine the smell.”  (and yes, Shawn was amused at the time.  :-))

From then on, going to a movie just lost it’s appeal…

…until now!

While in Phoenix, Arizona this week, we decided to take in an iPic movie experience. It was beyond your typical movie setting. (FYI, they have 8 locations throughout the US)

When we arrived to the theater, we thought we walked through the wrong door. A chic cocktail lounge and soft candle lit restaurant welcomed us. The check in desk was just like a scene from a W hotel.

As the night went on, it just got better. We sat in plush chairs that when you pushed a button, it stretched back almost vertically like a bed. Blanket and pillow in hand, cosy is the only way to describe it.

Shawn Power at the iPic Theater in Scottsdale, Arizona

There’s Shawn enjoying the comfy, reclining chair at the iPic Theater in Scottsdale, Arizona


Best part, no lining up for popcorn! A friendly waitress came, took our dining order and served us a delicious meal. For an appetizer we shared shrimp diablo cocktail – which was SO good as was the rest of our meal! Shawn had BBQ chicken pita pizza and Nancy had a goat cheese, strawberry and chicken salad. For desert we shared a peanut butter pie that bursted with so much flavor, it was the best we have ever tasted!

Shrimp Diablo Cocktail at the iPic Theater in Scottsdale, Arizona

There was our yummy Shrimp Diablo Cocktail


Chicken Salad at the iPic Theater in Scottsdale, Arizona

There’s Nancy’s Chicken Salad that she enjoyed


BBQ Chicken Flatbread at the iPic Theater in Scottsdale, Arizona

Shawn’s tried a lot of flatbread pizzas over time and said this was one of the best. 🙂 Sorry we didn’t get the Peanut Butter Pie picture but we were half way into the movie when we had it and couldn’t snap a pic. 🙂


Thinking of going?

Here are a few tips you should know to saving money and ensuring a better experience:

  • Tuesdays are the best iPic movie night because the food is discounted and the wine and beer is $3 a glass. Plus it’s not super busy so you can enjoy the occasion without crowds.
  • Sign up for a free membership online beforehand so you can receive a discount on your seats when you buy your tickets… we saved $17 between us by doing so.
  • Valet your car at the entrance instead of painstakingly trying to find parking – valet is free for movie goers! All you have to do is validate the ticket at the check in.

Now, you’re all set!

But just keep in mind, even with the great savings we just mentioned, it does dip into your pockets. We paid about $110 after movie, dining and tipping. (The movie itself with the recliner seats and free popcorn was $20 each) It’s great for a celebration of some sort though. One might argue that you can rent a movie at home for a couple dollars. True. But it’s really about treating yourself and your loved one to a delightful experience and mixing things up a little, wouldn’t you think?

We don’t know about you, but we are always looking for a good excuse to have a romantic evening out … so if you know of one, please return the favor and let us know about it. If you liked it, then we probably will too! You’ll be adding enrichment to others relationships … now that’s a good thing! Come on, don’t be shy. 🙂

Alright, we fly to New Orleans in a few hours so we’re off to do some last minute packing… talk to you from there soon.

We Appreciate You,

Nancy & Shawn

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P.P.S. Since we published this post yesterday we had some questions about where you can experience an iPic Theater… here’s their locations list.  As well, although not iPic, CineBistro seems to offer a similar experience and today we learned of a similar place in New Orleans. Either way, whether iPic or not we’re sure you’ll have a great time at the Movies! 🙂

If you know of similar style Theaters make sure to let our readers know below by commenting… we’re sure they’ll appreciate it!