4 Keys to Our Successful Marriage.

Nancy & Shawn PowerJust for a moment, we are going to take you behind closed doors. To share with you some of the secrets behind our relationship. More specifically the 4 keys to our successful marriage.

Over the weekend, we were at an event in Phoenix with fellow members of our Travel Club, making new friends, and a couple of times we heard some very familiar words which we’ve heard many times before… which by the way, never gets old for us…

“You two look so happy and seem like such a great couple”.

Now, not to toot our own horn – um, wait. We take that back…

…”to toot our own horn, yes, we really do have a solid marriage and we are truly proud of it.” 🙂

If you are reading this right now because your marriage could use a little pep or rekindling or you’re just looking to compare notes, then these tips or points to ponder, as we like to call them, will help.

And if you’re not open to change, you might start to sweat reading this and have the urge to you are awesomedelete it. If that’s the case, then go ahead and hit delete now. No hard feelings. 🙂

Still here? You’re a-w-e-s-o-m-e!

Keep reading…

Peculiarly, we have often wondered why people don’t proceed with the “HOW do you do it” question right after that nice compliment they give us. Maybe they think it would be a silly question, like we’re all already supposed to KNOW the answer.

Either way, we have been gifted with so much together as a couple, we felt compelled to give back and help others create the same by sharing our private marriage secrets with you today.


But first, since the theme of our site is travel, we couldn’t help but tell you about the fact that travel has contributed and brought us closer as a couple, more then almost just about anything else has. On vacation, we get to spend real quality time together, laughing and having fun… we cover these things in great detail in our eBook which you can read here.

But we’re going deeper today, which is where the real juice is.

Here are the reasons our marriage works:

10 Things I Love About You1. The simplicity of choice: Early in our marriage, in the heat of an argument, when the thoughts of “leave or stay” crept in, we’ll be honest with you – it was a toss up. But as our relationship grew, we chose each other every single time, no matter what. The reason for that we believe is because we tell each other “openly” why we appreciate each other OFTEN and express that the other is the greatest gift we have. Hearing that and accepting it as truth has built a strong wall around our relationship that not even an army tank could get through. We are happier together then we would be apart! Period.

Action step: Both of you, start making a list of all the reasons you appreciate and love your spouse. Continue adding to it over time. Read the list once a month. Then, at least once a week, sincerely tell the other why you appreciate and love them. (wait to see the magic that comes from this simple step!)

2. Getting better: We have this quote we live by that reads, “I’ll take care of me for you, if you’ll take care of you for me”. We live by this daily, by reading personal development books and receiving daily quotes in our inbox that help us keep our heads straight and become better people. Basically, we Take care of you picturecall ourselves on our own shit, even though it would be easier to blame the other when we’re having a bad day. 🙂 Taking responsibility that we are the cause of our own happiness and unhappiness is one of the greatest bits of knowledge to have in our arsenal to enjoy an incredible relationship together.

Action step: Print out a copy of this quote and keep it close. Also, remember you can only be as tall as the amount of books you can step on after reading, so pick up a book that will help you get better. Finish it. Repeat.

Respect picture3. Respect ourselves enough to NOT accept others to speak to us any way other then with total respect. In turn, we treat the other with the same kind regard and become better spouses because of it. The other part of this is knowing that we humans have emotions for a reason. They are all healthy, including the emotion of anger. Knowing this, we respectfully give the other space and know that it has NOTHING to do with you. We don’t take the other spouses emotions personally… ever.

Action step: For each other and yourself, if your spouse lashes out at you, you MUST walk away and you MUST know that it is not about you. It never is. This will take practice because we’ve been taught to react. Then wait. Your reward will be two-fold. You’ll be proud of yourself for taking control of your own emotions when your partner did not and you’ll have puppy dog eyes and “I am sorry” awaiting your acceptance. 🙂

4. Knowing the grass is greener is only in our heads. Have you ever noticed that each time we leave a relationship and enter another, the problems we had before seem to follow us? Why? The reason for that is because there is ONE thing that has not changed. The community we live in has changed (unless you kept the house), the new In-laws are different, the partner we chose has a different personality then the last, etc etc. B-U-T what is NOT different is US. Interesting huh? Randy Gage ProsperityOnce we learned this, it was like a slap in the face. What an eye opener! Individually we are the source of our own problems and solutions.

Actions step: Order Randy Gage’s The Prosperity Series and Prosperity 8 CD Album course. We cannot tell you how much we learned from this course & these books… they changed our lives! We recommend it for anyone wanting to be better, have a happy marriage and hear people genuinely say, “WOW, you two are an amazing couple!”. The best part is that you’ll know it’s true! Go ahead and invest in yourselves- get it yesterday. 🙂

: These 4 Keys to Our Successful Marriage are what works for us but please, if you are going to commit to doing these yourself, DON’T fall in the trap like so many others. Because these steps are “easy to do and easy not to do” it makes it easy to slip up and stop doing them, similar to a diet…

… So. To ensure it gets done we suggest putting sticky notes on your bathroom, computer, TV, anywhere you spend the most time so you’ll see it often. This will help you and your loved one stay persistent until these time tested techniques become a habit.

Leave a comment below if you found this helpful.  Have you ever used a technique that deserves mention here to help our readers ignite the spark in their relationships? Let us know and we may just write a blog piece on it and give you the super star status on our site. 🙂

We Appreciate YOU!

Nancy & Shawn

P.S. On the Topic of the 4 keys to our successful marriage, we highly recommend one of the greatest books we have ever read called “The Mastery of Love” by Don Miguel Ruiz. We have read both this book and The Four Agreements several times now and each time we learn something new. After reading this book, you will feel empowered and in complete control of your life. You’ll have the ability to improve the relationships with the people in your life… We cannot recommend it enough.

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