To take the Molokai Mule Ride or to Hike Kalaupapa National Park?

View of Kalaupapa National Historic Park from 1700 feet above

View of Kalaupapa National Historic Park from 1700 feet above in Molokai, Hawaii

What do we do? …Take the Molokai mule ride or do the hike down and back up the Kalaupapa National Park, is the question that needs an answer right NOW!

There we were standing at the excursion counter a few days ago, scratching our heads trying to figure out which route to take.

…cause you can do one or the other with Kalaupapa Rare Adventures. Typically options are a good thing, B-U-T…

Honestly, we had a little riff over which we were going to do. Shawn said mules, Nancy said hike…

Dilemma, dilemma on the homestead.

BUT the woman prevails again! (as Nancy grins) 🙂

Yup, we did the trail by hiking it down and back, and we are happy to report that “both” of us were delighted we did because we had the opportunity to take many more pictures (check our pictures to see) and shoot more video …although the mule riders seemed to be having a good time too!…


Did you know that the Guinness Book of World Records recorded Kalaupapa National Historical Park’s cliffs to be…

the most spectacular as well as…

 the highest sea cliffs in the world?


As you can imagine with that reputation, the views were more then spectacular and the tour company, Kalaupapa Rare Adventure, were awesome!  The staff we met were great, and really informative on the Kalaupapa town…

(FYI, both the hike and mule ride includes a bus tour of the town and a picnic lunch.  For us, the bus tour portion was quite slow for our pace… what took several hours to complete before lunch could have (in our opinion) been completed in 45 minutes.  BUT, if you like history and really want to learn all you can about the Leprosy outbreak and how it affected the town, then you’ll love this.)

Have a look at our video below to see what the fuss is all about and why this is one of the TOP tours to do on Molokai. (So much so that people will fly here for the day from Honolulu & Maui, just to do this very activity).

(Tip: For best viewing click the Full Screen mode in the very bottom right corner of the video!)

OK. OK. We know what you’re thinking…

…will I do the Molokai mule ride or the hike (the 1700 foot hike back up requires you to be in good shape) through Kalaupapa National Park??? 🙂

The choice is yours! Either way, we know you’ll love it!

We Appreciate YOU,

Nancy & Shawn

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