Today we did the Na Pali Coast Hike on Kalalau Trail to Hanakapi’ai Beach… Amazing!

Nancy & Shawn Power on the Kalalau Trail along the Na Pali Coast in Kauai, Hawaii

A 1/2 mile in you get to experience this amazing view so if you don’t go all the way to the beach at least go this far! 🙂

If you have been lucky enough to visit the island of Kauai, then we bet one of the first things you learned about it was the majestic Na Pali Coast and the many different ways you could have the opportunity to see it.

For us, about 4 years ago on our last trip here we did a helicopter ride to see the coast, it was stunning, we will never forget it!

However, this time, as you may remember from yesterday’s post where we show you our condo we rented for the week, we have more time to explore the island, so we wanted to see it from a different angle (it’s hard to come back to Kauai and not check out the Na Pali Coast again), so we saw it by hiking the Kalalau Trail.

And we are so glad we did… we got to see incredible mountain peaks, pick avocados, eat guava fresh from the trees, and see cliff views all the way down to the ocean… which we just so happened to capture on video. (which you’ll get to see below)

Besides those two ways to catch a glimpse of the Na Pai Coastline (helicopter and hiking) you can take a third mode of transportation which is by boat or Catamaran or Cruise Ship. Notice we didn’t say “drive to it” because you cannot access it by car, but…

…we have done all three ways and would recommend all of them, just depends on what your tastes are.

But, today we used our two feet & a heart beat to traverse 2 of the 11 mile rugged coast and cliff filled trail (past the 2 miles you need a permit and skill), taking us to sea level- our turn around point at Hanakapi’ai beach.

Here, we stopped for abut 45 minutes and didn’t want to leave! We sat on some sun drenched rocks and had a re-energizing rest, soaking in the beauty as we had our picnic while enjoying the waves crashing upon the shoreline.

Another reason we took this hike today was to stay healthy, which we talk about as one of the 9 reasons to travel now in our Free eBook, you can check it out here if you haven’t read it yet…

…we hope that you get a chance to visit Kauai real soon and take advantage of all the good that vacations have to offer. You deserve it!… we know you do. 🙂

Below you can check out our video from our hike today, Have a look!

One last thing before you go…

…here are a few tips if you decide to do the Na Pali Coast hike on Kalalau trail to Hanakapi’ai, like the video showed us doing:

Wear sturdy shoes, it can get mucky and slippery.

Bring a towel as you will need to cross a stream to access the beach.

Bring water- today we took four 500ml bottles each and finished all of them, it was a perfect amount.

Allow for approximately 3.5-4 hours for the hike (this included stops, pictures and 45 minutes at beach).

Sunscreen, don’t leave home without it.

Pack food.  We had a picnic at the beach and ate on the way along the trail as well.

We hope this was helpful and you enjoyed the video!

We appreciate You,

Nancy & Shawn

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