Our 26th Cruise and Counting!

Crown Princess Cruise Ship

There’s the “Crown Princess”… our home for the week as we Cruise the Caribbean

As you read this we are just a few days into our twenty sixth cruise! Most people spend a lifetime and never board a ship that many times, but as you know, we are “serial travelers” and we just so happen to love the convenience of unpacking once, exploring several destinations, being spoiled with wonderful dining experiences, choosing which act we want to entertain us each night and all the other goodies that come along with cruising – but that’s another blog for
another time. 🙂

So far, we’ve enjoyed a sea day which usually entails meeting some great people onboard as well as us taking part in several of the dozens of activities the entertainment staff puts on each day… and at some point, there’s always Nancy challenging Shawn to a game of ping pong or shuffle board as she continues to kick his butt … And yes, she enjoys every second of it…

…plus, we’ve also spent a day kicking up some sand and basking in the sun on Princess Cruises private island, another perk among the many when you book a stateroom.

To come still? The ship will be docking in Curacao today & Aruba tomorrow for full days of exploration, picture taking and a few history lessons on the areas. We can’t wait!

In the meantime, even though we’re out at sea, we wanted to get you some good travel tidbits.

A few weeks ago we read a great article by a friend and fellow travel blogger, who also happens to be a Newfoundlander like us. His name is Raymond from “Man on The Lam“…

His dry humor is typically hilarious and usually puts us into stitches of laughter but this post gives a bit of a twist with some food for thought especially with Christmas around the corner.

We wanted to share it with you because Raymond makes a good point about being materialistic and how it ain’t that bad, plus he addresses why kids seem to want gifts like money these days and another gift that “might” shock you once you read it.

Have a gander, we think you’ll like it:

Check it out here

We Appreciate You,

Nancy & Shawn

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