Our Anniversary is coming soon… what to do?

Happy Anniversary Image of Miney & Mickey Mouse

As it’s our 4th Wedding Anniversary (and our 8th Anniversary as a couple) coming up 2 weeks from today, we are super excited for it and of course then we started chatting and reminiscing about all the great anniversary celebrations we’ve shared together in the past, all of them while traveling of course…

…so far in our first 7 years we purposely mixed traveling in for all of our anniversary celebrations, except one, and this year for our 8th, we’ll be in Kauai, Hawaii…

…so, needless to say…

…it’s been pretty amazing for us so far when it comes to our special day! 🙂

So what’s the point?

Well, as our site says (look up top, you’ll see it :-)) our mission is to “Inspire YOU to Travel!” and one thing we want to definitely encourage you to do, if you haven’t before or in a while, is to plan a get-away with your partner on YOUR special day. (and if you’re not seeing anyone right now planning a Birthday get-away with your friends is a great substitute. :-))

Now why do we recommend this?

Well, it’s kinda obvious

(and the problem with obvious is that it tends to get put off for another year, then another year 🙁 how sad is that!)

…as we talk about in our Free eBook (if you haven’t read it yet you can access it here now), in our opinion, the biggest of the “9 Great Reasons to Travel Now” (besides for your health as without that nothing else matters) is…

…”For Your Relationship!”

Here’s a little excerpt from our book about this topic… look at what you could be missing out on! 🙂

And for those of you lacking those essentials we all crave, romance and/or sex, can you think of better ways to enhance those things then by…

•Walking the beaches of Hawaii

•Having a “Fun in the Sun” day in Florida

•Having just had a great dinner & show evening in Vegas

•Or maybe being in a truly exotic place like the Caribbean, Tahiti, Thailand, Italy, etc.?

We know we sure can’t! ☺

By the way, we heard a stat once that said…

…couples on Vacation have on average 40% more Sex then at Home…

…being Travel Experts we can verify that stat holds pretty true. 🙂


To inspire you even more to plan that special get-away, here is a quick anniversary video (aka Disneyworld Anniversary video) showing you how we celebrated one particular anniversary not too long ago…

…one we will “never” forget, it was SO awesome and SO special, check it out!


(Below is our video of our private boat tour/fireworks we did when visiting Disneyworld as a special treat for our Anniversary… it was super nice! 🙂 And excuse the video being a little dark at times but hey, it was nighttime after all. 🙂 Enjoy!)


Happy Anniversary Celebrating and…

…make the most of it, we sure do!

…by the way, don’t forget to take an anniversary video for yourselves too, cause it’s so much fun looking back at all the great memories.

We appreciate YOU,

Nancy & Shawn

P.S. Add a comment below if our video touched you and inspired you to book an Anniversary trip soon. We hope it did. 🙂  Plus, if you like our approach to “inspiring others to live a more meaningful life through travel” then share this stuff with your friends, especially the ones who need inspiring the most.

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