Picture Review & How Much We Saved Through Our Travel Club At The Peacock Suites In Anaheim, California

Peacock Suites in Anaheim, California near Disneyland

Peacock Suites in Anaheim, California near Disneyland

As we mentioned in a blog post over the weekend, staying in a regular hotel room last week in San Diego WASN’T very thrilling for us. (click here to check it out)

Who could blame us after we had stayed at some great resorts for the previous four weeks while in Hawaii that had loads of open space, plus 1 or 2 bedrooms! …you can see those resorts here.

Happily though, for this week’s stay in Anaheim, California (for our time at Disneyland) we booked a stay at the “Peacock Suites” through our International Travel Club and are back in a one bedroom place with a much more “homely” feel. 🙂

Plus, we can walk to Disneyland which of course is THE highlight of the entire trip! That’s why we are here. To play with Mickey! 🙂

Another great feature was that we were not so close to the park to be distracted with crowds and noise, and the walk was a quick 20 minutes or a shuttle option is available to take you to and from the park.

Next door, there’s a great restaurant/entertainment center that has a Cheesecake Factory, Bubba Gump, PF Chang’s, etc. and a movie theatre, bowling alley, shopping, etc. Perfect!

Want to hang out at the Peacock Suites for the day and relax? No problem. Enjoy the pool, hot tub, BBQs, rooftop sitting, gym, free continental breakfast and free WiFi. They even have free parking.

Overall, by booking through our Travel Club it was a great deal as always

…we only paid $579 for the entire 7 nights we stayed here… the day we booked we looked online and couldn’t find any availability at all through the Resort’s site directly or through Travelocity, and Expedia was charging $1184.92…

…safe to say, we were quite happy with the deal we got!! 🙂

If you would like to learn more about how to save money and travel like “in the know” travelers like us do, check out OurTravelMembership.com to get the details.

Further questions? No problem. Just send us an email anytime.

We are here to help!

Check out some of our pictures below of the Peacock Suites.

Nancy & Shawn Power's 1 Bedroom Suite at the Peacock Suites in Anaheim, California

There’s a peak at our 1 bedroom suite... separate living room with door and curtain this type of room can work for a young family of 4... and as mentioned there are 2 & 3 bedroom suites for bigger families


The Pool & Hot-tub area at the Peacock Suites in Anaheim, California

If you want to cool off & relax after spending the day playing at Disney they have the pool/hot tub area


The BBQs/Foosball/Table Tennis area at the Peacock Suites in Anaheim, California

There are BBQs on site if you want to grill up some steaks or burgers rather then spend a small fortune at the parks... and there’s foosball & table tennis to keep the kids (or adults like Shawn :-)) entertained while doing so


The free continental breakfast area at the Peacock Suites in Anaheim, California

There’s also Free continental breakfast at the resort too with cereal, pastries, fruit, juices/coffee, etc. so that helps keep your tummy full to start the day at the Parks... and it helps keep the budget in line 🙂


The rooftop "lounging" area at the Peacock Suites in Anaheim, California

And if you want to get away to a quiet area, head to the rooftop and enjoy this sitting/lounging area where you can read a book, catch some rays, etc.


We Appreciate You.

Nancy & Shawn

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