Visiting the Pololu Valley lookout on Hawaii's Big Island!

Yesterday we arrived on pristine “Hawaii” Island, the largest of the Hawaiian chain, known more commonly as Hawaii’s “Big Island”.

As you will see from tomorrow’s blog, the Big Island is still growing due to it’s lively Volcano activity (more about that then), which is a site among many not to be missed here

…during this trip we are staying in an area known as Kona, the westerly, Lava lined coast that’s on the opposite side of where most of the volcanic activity takes place.

Kona is known for it’s nightlife with all of it’s locally owned Sea side Restaurants and bars and also known for it’s water activities because it’s waters are calmly sheltered by the tall volcanic formed mountains.

There’s lots to see here, but today we took a drive up the North Shore from Kona, and it was incredible to see the difference in landscape from dry volcanic desert to lush rain forest. (See pictures below).

Our furthest northerly destination today was the Pololu Valley lookout and then it’s 1 hour Trail to and from the beach…

All we can say is, Wow!

…It scored high on our “so glad we did that list”, you have no idea.

Yes, the trail was quite steep in places and all down hill (and you know what that means on the hike back …ugh!) but the beach and surroundings were simply breathtaking and worth it.

Can you say “…beautiful black sand beach!”

Have a look at our pictures below to see for yourself but as you know, as we talk about in our Free eBook, you can read it here but there’s no better way to get a real life education then to experience it for yourself in the flesh, so be sure to put Pololu Valley and Hawaii’s Big Island on your bucket list. 🙂

View of the Pololu Valley on the Big Island in Hawaii

The views of the Pololu Valley were pretty dramatic… here’s what it looked like from the very top from the scenic lookout from the road where no hiking was required


Black Sand beach in the Pololu Valley on the Big Island in Hawaii

About 25 mins down a steep hiking trail you’ll find this black sand beach… it was hot and tricky to get down & then back up from there but we just had to show it to you… let’s go! 🙂


Nancy Power heading down the trail to the beach in the Pololu Valley

There’s Nancy getting us started & leading us down to the beach… the things we go through to keep our readers happy & informed!! 🙂


Black Sand Beach at Pololu Valley on the Big Island in Hawaii

Wow, look at that shoreline!! Looks like the beach is getting closer… we’re almost there! 🙂


Shawn Power at the black sand beach in the Pololu Valley on the Big Island in Hawaii

We made it… there’s Shawn enjoying it all as we experience our first ever black sand beach… pretty awesome… now we just gotta figure how to get back up to the car! 🙂


Enjoying the scenery at the black sand beach in Pololu Valley on the Big Island in Hawaii

One things for sure about a black sand beach… it certainly makes the other colors “pop” more then normal… check out the vivid colors in the sky, clouds & water


After that, we made our way back down the same route but stopped in to visit the Hamakua Macadamia Nut Company. Have a look at some pictures below of the cannery and it’s many samples.


Nancy & Shawn visited a real Macadamia Nut factory on Hawaii's Big Island

After our hike in Pololou Valley it was time to visit a real Macadamia Nut factory… yumm!! 🙂


Macadamia Nut samples at a Macadamia Nut factory on the Big Island in Hawaii

The best part about the visit of course was the lessons we learned about the manufacturing process of the nuts… okay, the sampling part was pretty good too. 🙂 Double yummy!! 🙂


Whole Macadamia Nuts at the Hamakua Macadamia Nut factory on the Big Island in Hawaii

During our self-guided tour we had the chance to crack some whole Macadamia nuts… needing hundreds of pounds per square inch to do so we had to use crackers… not something you want to try with your precious teeth! 🙂


Here’s a few more things we saw during our scenic drive today.

Volcanic soils on the Big Island in Hawaii

As you saw from our blog posts the last 2 weeks, the Islands of Oahu & Kauai in Hawaii are very green & lush… as the Big Island consists of a bunch of Volcanoes it’s quite different there… dry in most areas with lots of this Volcanic soil hanging around.


Plants & trees growing out of volcanic rocks & soil on the Big Island in Hawaii

You wouldn’t think anything would grow from Volcanic rocks and soil, would you, but it happens… quite the contrast of a picture! 🙂


A Sea Turtle on the Big Island in Hawaii

During our scenic drive today we saw this little guy at one of the beaches… cute… seriously, who doens’t love Sea Turtles!! 🙂


Have you been to the Big Island before? If so drop us a comment about your experience below.

Did you get to see any of those green sea Turtles, like the picture above, that are abundant in this area? If so, show us your pictures on our Facebook Page.

We Appreciate You,

Nancy & Shawn

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