Being Lazy and proud of it!

Panama City Beach Waterfront Condo's

Our relaxing 3 bedroom condo for the week is at the “Sunrise Beach Resort” in Panama City Beach, Florida.

Panama City Beach in Florida’s “Gulf Coast” has put us to sleep the past few days.

No no, not because there’ s no excitement here, but because we rented a beautiful beach front condo that lures and teases us to chill out and take lots of naps. Trust us, it’s easy to do when the sound of the ocean is lapping on the shore line while you’re nestled under the blankets of your pillow top bed or comfy couch.

Yup, we’ve been lazy and proud of it. Gazing at the panoramic ocean views from our balcony, we’ve melted in our loungers watching birds run along the white powdered sand, trying to beat the turquoise water as it gently sweeps the shore line. Sitting in 80 degree weather on the patio (which is hot enough for us Canadians) we’ve watched sunsets that play like a great movie– keeping us in suspense for the next great scene.

Shawn relaxing while we stroll along the beach

There’s Shawn relaxing while we stroll along the beach

This afternoon we got really adventurous and took a stroll along the beach as the talcum smooth sand tickled our toes and gave us goose bumps… and the rest of the week here is looking pretty much the same, feet up and unwinding.

How about you? When was the last time you relaxed like this? Were you at a ski resort nestled by a crackling fire while it snowed outside or did you have an experience similar to ours at the beach?

If you know of good places to experience this kind of relaxation we’re talking about here today, please let us all know, we are all ears cause “being lazy and proud of it” has been working out very well for us this week. 🙂

Here’s to a week of bliss!

We Appreciate You,

Nancy & Shawn