Theatre Junkies Feeding Their Obsession!

Nancy & Shawn Power at the Bellagio Fountains Water-show

Like every other time we've been in Vegas we dropped by the Bellagio to see their famous "fountains" water-show... awesome as always!!

Well, our visit here is about to end but we had another great time in Las Vegas this week.

This was our 6th visit to Vegas and although we don’t come for the casinos, we still did lot’s of new things this week.

We ate at Restaurants we hadn’t ate at before, saw shows we hadn’t seen before, saw areas of the city we missed on previous occasions, etc.

That’s the great part about Las Vegas … you’d have to come an awful lot of times before you run out of things to see & do!! 🙂

But, just like when in New York, our favorite thing to do here is to check out shows…

we’re theatre junkies 🙂

We’ve seen 17 Cirque Du Soleil shows (and that doesn’t include the ones we went back to see again because they were so good- like “O” for example), we’ve enjoyed musicals like Phantom of the Opera, Rent, Wicked, Lion King, Stomp and on and on, we’ve seen all the toe-tapping Riverdances, Lord of the Dances, etc., and have attended great concerts like U2, Elton John, Celine Dion, Bryan Adams, etc.

Safe to say, we love being entertained!! 🙂

So no wonder we keep coming back to Las Vegas … they don’t call it the “Entertainment Capital of the World” for nothing!

So what did we see this week while here?

1. Cirque Du Soleil’s “Viva Elvis” at Aria

Now this show doesn’t have as much high-flying & daring acts as a typical Cirque show does… but it was still super entertaining!!

Because it’s based on Elvis and all the songs are his music, it has lots of dancing (some of the best we’ve seen) and dialogue about him. It was very touching how they had tons of footage of Elvis in the form of video clips and stills. A part that gave us shivers was when they they mixed him in singing with the show’s singers, it was beautiful and they really brought him back to life for 90 minutes in many ways.

Even though he’s not our era, it’s impossible not to appreciate his talent and influence on music and on the world even still today.

And the high-flying parts of the show that they did have? Well, after 15 other “Cirques” we were still blown away by the uniqueness of the acts, seeing things we hadn’t ever seen before.

Things like a giant slide/swings made out of a blue suede shoe, high flying stunts done on a HUGE guitar, one of the best trampoline sequences (super heroes and all) we’ve ever seen with Cirque and a mega-big “Jailhouse Rock” scene… in fact, the settings themselves were awesome and some of the largest we’ve ever seen on a Cirque stage… incredible!!

So overall, did we like “Viva Elvis” at Aria by “Cirque Du Soleil” and would we recommend it?

Absolutely!!! 🙂

2. Jabbawockeez

The show is a dance performing group who wear white face masks and combine hip-hop dance, b-boying, and popping to entertain their audience at the Monte Carlo Hotel.

You may know them as they were the winners of season 1 of the show “America’s Best Dance Crew” and have performed on popular TV shows like “So You Think You Can Dance”.

Anyways, we went to see them and honestly, the show was a bit dry. There were some really good dance sequences that made us want to move in our seats, but with plenty of mediocre and sometimes non moving parts of the performance in between the good stuff, it left us a bit disappointed and wanting more.

3. Our 17th “Cirque” show… their collaboration with Criss Angel called “Believe” at Luxor.

Like Jabbawockeez, when it came to “Believe”, we were wanting more!

Don’t get us wrong, Criss Angel is a world class magician, one of the most famous & popular ever.  But with “Cirque Du Soleil’s” name attached to this show we expected more amazing costumes, music & maybe a high flying act or two. 🙂

But in reality, we’re not even sure why Cirque’s name is attached… it’s not mentioned in the show at all and besides some crazy rabbit costumes that appeared for about 1 minute of the show we’re not sure where Cirque may have had anything to do with it?

Overall though, it was a good magic show… many tricks are ones we’ve seen at David Copperfield and other magicians but Criss definitely has a unique style and flair that keeps it all entertaining!

Would we recommend Criss Angel’s “Believe”?  If you’re into magic and going for that reason… sure.  If you’re going for the “Cirque” aspect of it though, there are 7 Cirques in Vegas and our recommendation would be to, like us, make it the 7th Cirque show you go to… definitely not the 1st!


Have you seen a show in Las Vegas that you really liked or one that you didn’t?  Let us know which one and why below.

By the way… we ate at some great restaurants this week:

1. “Steakhouse at Bill’s”. Our best meal of the week for sure… we shared a crab & shrimp appy, a Caesar salad, Scallops and an awesome filet for dinner and finished with a yummy carrot cake… and the wine was great too! 🙂

2. “Todai”. This sushi buffet definitely filled the sushi craving we’ve had since we left Vancouver!  They have lots of seafood too like crab legs, salmon and also prime rib and turkey… lots of choice… and the crepes to finish it off… yumm!! 🙂  By the way, we saved $21 off of our check by buying a voucher through

3. Hubert Keller’s “Burger Bar”.  When in Vegas for Nancy’s birthday in March we found this gem for great burgers and treated Nancy to a $60 burger… no kidding… check out the menu to see what that was about! 🙂  This time we toned it down a bit though and did the regular burger thing (Shawn the sliders and Nancy the Veggie Burger) and again… it was awesome!! 🙂

Alright, we’re off to enjoy our last day here and then tomorrow morning we head to Sedona, Arizona where we’re going to take a day to check out the famous “Grand Canyon“…

…talk to you from there soon.

We Appreciate You!

Nancy & Shawn

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