Enjoyed the day Snorkeling at Tunnels Beach & visiting Kilauea Lighthouse

As we mentioned in a blog post 2 weeks ago (you can read it here) we love traveling during our special time of yearfor our wedding anniversary. 🙂

And we highly recommend it… as we say in our Free eBook, “For Your Relationship” is one of the “9 Great Reasons to Travel Now”!

Well, yesterday was our 4th Wedding Anniversary and 8th year together and just like our previous yearly celebrations, we’re “on the road”. 🙂

We’re in Hawaii right now on the Island of Kauai (one of Hawaii’s most beautiful!) so this year’s Anniversary is definitely a great one!

For our special day we lounged at the beach, snorkeled, had a picnic at the beach, took in some beautiful scenes during our drive, visited a famous lighthouse and finished off with some time at the pool, hot tub and finally enjoyed an awesome dinner… steak & Alaska King Crab legs… yummy! 🙂

Below is a picture journal of what our day looked like… as you’ll see from those shots, the North Shore of Kauai is an area of the Island you’ll definitely want to spend some time in!


Nancy Power checking out the cave by Tunnels Beach in Kauai, Hawaii

We snorkeled at “Tunnels Beach” but they should have called it “Cave Beach” as they have a really cool cave across the street from it. 🙂


Tunnels Beach in Kauai, Hawaii

There’s a look at “Tunnels Beach”… what an amazing backdrop it provided for our snorkeling adventure!


Shawn Power snorkeling in Kauai, Hawaii at Tunnels Beach

Looks like Shawn’s enjoying the water and snorkeling at Tunnels Beach! 🙂


Nancy Power enjoying our picnic at Tunnels Beach in Kauai, Hawaii

After snorkeling it was picnic time… not a bad setting! 🙂


Shawn Power enjoying fresh Hawaiian Mango

Looks like Shawn’s enjoying the fresh Hawaiian Mango! 🙂


Kilauea Lighthouse at the Northern most point of Kauai, Hawaii

After our beach/snorkeling day we made a visit to Kilauea Lighthouse which is the most Northern point of Kauai, Hawaii… safe to say the views of the Ocean are pretty fabulous up there!


A beautiful view of Kauai's Northshore near the Kilauea Lighthouse

A great way to end a great day and another memorable anniversary… with a fabulous view of Kauai’s Northshore up near the Kilauea Lighthouse


We hope you enjoyed the pics!

Today we’re off to Kayak the “Wailua River” and to see some waterfalls so we’ve gotta go but we’ll make sure to report back tomorrow how it went.

We appreciate you!

Nancy & Shawn

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