What is all the fuss over Tampa, Florida?

Homes along Tampa Florida's Shoreline

Homes along Tampa's Beautiful Shoreline

It’s November as we write to you from our patio overlooking the ocean again (last week it was in Panama City Beach, Florida) while Nancy sits comfortably wearing a spaghetti strap shirt- which means only one thing – it’s a hot and balmy 80 degrees here in Tampa.

It’s no wonder that approximately 70,000 new people migrate to Tampa, Florida each year…

But why do they come here?


Well, we did some digging and besides the attractions like Busch Gardens, the Salvador Dalí Museum, the Florida Aquarium, the Museum of Science and Industry, the Tampa Bay Automobile Museum, the Florida Holocaust Museum, Lowry Park Zoo and Weeki Wachee Springs – just to name a few…

…Tampa is well known for it’s pristine beaches and has some of the best S’s to be found in the United states: sun, sea, sand and seafood.

In fact, the waters of the Gulf of Mexico that supply the area are warm and welcoming and many of the West coast beaches boast powdery white sand that’s soft to the touch and never gets hot – a perfect combination for sun lovers.

St. Pete's Beach near Tampa, Florida

St. Pete's Beach near Tampa, Florida... one of almost a dozen beach communities that span over 30 miles along the Gulf Coast


TIP: Speaking of the ocean, a few locals told us that if you like eating seafood, particularly crab and grouper, just pick a restaurant and you can enjoy the “freshest” you will ever eat in these parts and even better is that it is inexpensive. We plan to go for a few meals ourselves and will let you know if they are good or not.

Something else we learned about Tampa while we were getting to know her more intimately was that it draws a younger crowd and NOT just snow birds as we thought might be the case. So no matter what your age, you will meet and enjoy an eclectic community of people during your visit.

Clearly, this part of Florida has won our hearts over like it has for so many others… If you felt the same way after your last visit and didn’t want to depart, let us know about it and tell us what you most liked.  We’d love to hear from you.

We Appreciate You!

Nancy & Shawn

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