The One Item You Should Never Go On Your Cruise Vacation Without!

Travel Insurance ImageAs the busy summer Cruising months are just around the corner (May-September are extremely popular times to Cruise in Europe & Alaska) Shawn has been doing a lot of final payments for his clients who are eagerly anticipating their cherished Vacations.

And with final payments comes Shawn’s many discussions with his clients about whether they want to add Travel Protection to their Cruise to protect their hard earned trip.

Now many people totally get the value of adding Travel Protection to their trip & never leave home without it but there are many more who simply haven’t been properly explained why they may want to add this valuable coverage and how it can help them.

So several years ago after witnessing a scary incident on a Cruise we were on, Shawn wrote an extremely detailed & valuable article all about Travel Protection and how it can literally be a “life saver” if you ever need to use it.

If you have an upcoming Cruise or plan to take one in the near future and you’re not sure what Travel Protection is all about then read “Travel Protection… it’s not about a few extra bucks commission!” to make sure you know what you’re saying “yes/no” to next time you’re asked about adding Travel Protection to your Cruise.

We appreciate you!

Nancy & Shawn
Your Trusted Cruise Experts!

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