Travel Provides A Secret Weapon To Enhance Our Relationships

Travel provides many enhancements to life… a topic you know that we constantly talk about in order to encourage people to stop spending money on “stuff” that doesn’t matter and instead…

…travel more to get all the benefits that travel provides.

In our Free eBook we cover all the goods travel provides in “the 9 Great Reasons to Travel Now”, but today we wanted to hone in on the secret weapon and the benefits relationships receive by taking time away from the norm and taking a great vacation together.

(We’re actually writing this right now from Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic… we figured a trip down here was in order to experience the benefits that travel provides that we mention above. :-))

WARNING: Drool factor may kick in as you read below! ☺

Have a listen to what happened last week…

Travel provides this gorgeous sunset on the water

During our walk together a couple of nights ago, we got talk’in about all the things travel provides us (a real shocker, we know ☺) and all of a sudden, Nancy snapped her fingers quickly and said wide-eyed & pointing at Shawn excitedly, “Do you remember the year before last when we…!”

And in that moment we started getting electrified, reminiscing about one of the most memorable times we have had during all of our travels together as a couple … and of course you know that’s a B-I-G statement considering all the 77 times we have packed our suitcases together in the past 8+ years. ☺

Travel provides a Secret Weapon to enhance your relationship!

Anyways, all that reflecting was so fun in itself as we were walking down the road. We were getting excited all over again, AKA the secret weapon- reminiscing!

The trip we are referring to was during a Walt Disney World Resort stay for 4 nights in September, 2010…

Walt Disney World

…and we know what you’re thinking, “Four nights … whoop de do!”

…Well, hold on now, we’re not finished our story. ☺

You see, that was a primer to the romantic one week stay we had in the Bahamas in Nassau which we then followed up with a 1 week Cruise aboard the Norwegian Epic Cruise Ship, AND as if that wasn’t enough, we THEN spent a week on the lovely Celebrity Solstice Cruise Ship. (You feel bad for us …we understand). ☺

OK, OK, enough bragging about all the opportunities travel provides us…

So the most memorable moment we’re talking about here was the magical private boat tour we took in Walt Disney World…

A romantic boat ride in Walt Disney World

It was incredible! No. Rephrase that. “Incredibly romantic” is what it really was! The marina we went to was at one of the classiest resorts in the park, and when we arrived to the dock, it was night fall so the boat was shimmering as it sat waiting for us… and we could tell someone had put a lot of time into preparing it just right…

Travel provides us with romantic experiences we’ll never forget!

…the blankets were perfectly set, a picnic basket and cooler with drinks all set up for us, plus a banner with “Happy Anniversary” (our 7th) was posted with balloons all around it welcoming us aboard.

To make a long story short, we sat back and cuddled up as our captain sailed us around and showed us Walt Disney World from a boat view perspective… there wasn’t a ripple in the water, it was a calm and beautiful night. Just when we thought it couldn’t get much better he pulled the boat into perfect position just in time to watch the nightly fireworks show from Cinderella’s Castle while songs like, “may all your wishes come true” played in the background…

…a little different from standing in the crowds on main street where everyone flocks to each night.

Needless to say, it was a special night for us!

So much so that we remember feeling really close as a couple for “days” after that experience…

…we held hands a little tighter and really appreciated the fun times we were having just by being away together, no distractions of the usual day to day grind.

It was just time for us! (Travel provides us time to do this the BEST!)

And you know what?

After chatting about it on our walk last week, it brought that romantic spark alive again, just by talking about it… isn’t that cool! Travel provides that secret weapon of memories and reminiscing that really does enhance our relationships.

So listen!

DON’T WAIT! Go take a little or big vacation together and plan some unique & special events for just the two of you, get the quality time ONLY travel provides… do this for your relationship, you won’t regret it!

Nancy and Shawn rock climbing and having fun on a cruise

And if you’re on the fence and need a little more encouragement, check out our Free eBook to inspire you some more. ☺

Oh, and don’t forget, if we inspired you to take that next romantic trip and want to share some of the great details of what travel provides you, tell us about it below in the comment section.

And of course, if you’d like to know how to afford multiple vacations away each year with your partner then check out the Travel Club that we are a part of and be sure to let us know if you have any questions.

We’re here to help.

We appreciate you!

Nancy & Shawn

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