Here Are Some Great Reasons To Justify Your Next Vacation!

Nancy & Shawn Power's Free Travel eBookHave you read our Free eBook called “STOP collecting Stuff and Start Creating Memories: 9 Great Reasons To Travel Now!”?

If you have (and if you haven’t you can do so here) you’ll remember in it we cover 9 aspects of your life that we believe Travel enhances for the better immensely and we encourage you to get out & travel as much as you can to reap all these benefits.

Well recently, one of the most popular tourist cities in the World that has millions of people visit each year (Las Vegas) commissioned a research company to conduct a survey to see just how much travel affects people’s levels of happiness, stress, health, etc.

And their findings totally confirmed much of what we shared in our eBook, particularly in chapters 1-3 where we talked about the benefits to your health, your relationship & with your Family.

Here’s some of the stats that Survey found:

93% of respondents reported higher levels of happiness after taking a Vacation

89% said they feel recharged after a Vacation

Stressful Job Vs Stress-free Vacation86% said they feel less stressed after Vacationing

86% said they felt more satisfied with life after a Vacation

84% reported feeling closer to their family after Vacationing together

82% said some of their happiest moments in life happened during their Vacations (this is extremely true for us!)

81% said they felt more energetic after a Vacation

77% of respondents said they believe that their Health improves after taking a Vacation

Overall they reported that the above benefits bring them greater productivity, energy, focus, creativity & simply make them a better person.

Which are all things we’ve suspected for years and are why we encourage people so strongly to Travel and are why we wrote our eBook.

By the way, 2 more stats in the report that we found extremely interesting:

82% said they believe Travel is more important in tough economical times… that’s something Shawn can attest to as in 2 of the most “terrible economic” years recently, his Cruise sales went up by 37% each year… staggering when you consider that many Industries were losing their shirts during that time!

And finally, 56% of respondents said they believe they should be able to get a Dr’s note to take time off for Vacation due to all the Health benefits… and we say, why not… that happens in Europe and many people there seem to live a Healthier, Happier life then us North Americans.

So there you go, a fascinating survey that certainly shows we were on to something when we wrote our eBook

…whatever type of Vacation you like to take, whether it’s a Cruise (if so, visit here to see how Shawn can help) or whether it’s a land based Vacation at a “home away from home” style resort in a great City (visit here to learn how to get the best rates) we encourage you to get our there and Travel ASAP so you too can experience all the great benefits this survey pointed out and that we talked about in our eBook!

Here’s to your next Stress-Releasing, Happiness-Filled, Healthy, Awesome Vacation!! 🙂

We appreciate You!

Nancy & Shawn

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