There are Two Sides to Every Story

Sunken Costa Concordia off the Coast of Giglio Island in ItalyThe Headlines of Costa Cruise Line’s sinking “Concordia” ship has caused quite a stir in the travel community.

It’s tragic!

After sailing on 27 cruises to date and thinking back to the marvelous times we have had, it’s incomparable to what happened to the 3200 passengers who had their hopes set on having a fun vacation, just like the ones we had all those times at sea.

Our thoughts go out to those who have lost family members in this tragedy. Nancy lost her father at 8 years old due to the sinking of an oil rig he was working on in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. So she can relate to the loss most intimately!

We would also like to express our happiness for those of you that made it out safe and sound!

In the news though, there has been so much focus on the bad and evil that came from the sinking of the cruise ship, but like any tragedy there must have been some good things come out of it too… right?

Let’s look at that…

…there were 3200 guests aboard that ship, plus crew, bringing the total to around 4000 people and an estimated 11 (as of today’s count) people have died. In any other rescue attempt around the world, that would be considered a pretty good rescue mission if you ask us. If 20 planes with 200 people on each went down (totaling 4000 people) we’re pretty confident more then 11 would have died.

Rescued Passengers from the Costa ConcordiaThe bottom line… the shear bravery of the crew (and also the coast guard & residents of  Giglio Island) and how good of a job the cruise line did of saving so many lives should be recognized!

As the Italians say, “Bravo”!!

Several travel community sites have written those stories where guests are literally saying they owe their lives to the brave crew… unfortunately, they didn’t make any headlines though as they’re not as sexy of a story as “the Captain was the first one to jump ship.”

How about this headline we saw today… “Entertainers outnumbered sailors on doomed liner”… (they described entertainers as people there for the guests enjoyment such as dancers, bartenders, cooks, waiters, musicians, etc.)

…No Shit! And here we were thinking it took 1023 crew to run the mechanics of a ship… of course that’s what every large sailing cargo vessel has onboard right, 1023 sailors… Not!

The media says this like it’s the cause of the accident because they were all bar servers, waiters, cooks, and dancers.

That’s about as dumb as saying 4 of the 6 people on an airplane are bartenders… sure the flight attendants get you drinks and pillows, but they’re sure as well trained to help in an emergency.

If you’ve ever cruised, you certainly know ALL the Crew go through mandatory drills and training on a regular basis.

So Media, don’t blame the Crew for 11 people tragically perishing. Commend them for helping get almost 3200 people off, and themselves, in the pitch black, off a ship that was literally turning over on them… AND getting it all done in 2 hours flat!

Let the investigators do their work of finding out what happened and who’s to blame before you make your judgements!

So, did this scare us from taking a cruise again? No way! With 27 amazing cruises under our belt, we’re just getting started. You can read about a couple of our cruise experiences here and why we love them.

The truth is, if we listened to the news and took it all as facts or let past experiences freeze us from creating new ones, we’d never go anywhere or do anything. We’d be frightened to death!

Never would we have traveled to places like China or Colombia or Russia for example and we would never have made lifelong friendships with people of different races or different skin colors from ours. We’d be afraid they were going to rob or kill us.

What a shame!

The point of this rant… take the news with a grain of salt and know that the world is good.

Oh, and don’t be afraid to Travel! 🙂

We Appreciate You!

Nancy & Shawn

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