Video Review And How Much We Saved Through Our Travel Club At The Sea Village Resort In Kona, Hawaii

Sea Village Resort in Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii

There’s the Sea Village Resort in Kona, Hawaii where we’ve been enjoying our week while on the Big Island

They say great things come in small packages… well, this week we completely proved that theory wrong! …As the Big Island of Hawaii is nothing short of Nirvana!

Yup, it’s “definitely” safe to say we’ve been enjoying our time here this week. 🙂

And, if you’ve been following our posts from the last 3 days you’ll know we’ve been doing some really fun and venturesome things like:


Taking a hike to a remote beach at the Pololu Valley lookout

Sampling some of the best snorkeling on the Big Island

Reminiscing about our previous visits to the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park


Keep an eye out for tomorrow’s email from us in your inbox as we’re saving the best for last – we’re taking a Manta Ray night snorkel tour tonight… should be fun! (If you’re not already following our blog updates you can follow them here)

For today’s post though, rather then show you some crazy adventure of ours we wanted to show you around the place we’re staying at here on The Big Island that we booked AGAIN through our International Travel Club

…and what a great deal we got!

As we mentioned in a blog post a few weeks back that explains what an International Travel Club is, we enjoy thousands of dollars of savings on our travels by being members and it allows us to vacation more frequently too, which we couldn’t do if we were paying full retail price.

It’s pretty sweet! 🙂

By the way, we’re staying in a active area called Kona which is on the westerly side of the Big Island in a resort called “Sea Village”… as of right now though our Travel Club has 7 resorts on the island to choose from so you can hang out where suits you best.

Now in a moment we’ll show you a video of what our place looks like and how great the deal was (we saved 55% off the lowest price we could find online available to the public and that was for a smaller condo) but first a few other things we didn’t mention in the video that really added to the value of our stay:

No parking fees… when in Kona you really do need a car to explore the island properly and some of the hotels charge $20+/day to park plus taxes… that adds up over a week

No internet fees… many hotels we’ve stayed in charge anywhere from $7-$15+/day to use the internet… here though it was included in the price, no extra charge

No resort fees… just two weeks ago when in Oahu we talked to a couple who were forced to pay $13/day for a resort fee… not sure what that was about but nothing like that here

No extra fees per person… the place we’re in can fit up to 6 people and no matter how many people stay in the condo we pay the same low price… now in our case no big deal as there’s only 2 of us but some of the online engines were charging $20/day per person for the 3rd-6th person. Wow! We paid less for the entire week then what other companies were charging for just the 3rd-6th people in the room… that must get pricey for big families!

Ok, without further ado come have a look at where we’re staying and how much we paid…

(FYI, last week’s resort we stayed at in Kauai, Hawaii was about the equivalent of this one, and you know how pleased we were with it! …so yeah, we’d much rather book through our International Travel Club no doubt.)

We hope you enjoyed the video and learning about the amazing deals offered by being a member of our travel club… as mentioned in the video, you can learn more at

Next week we’ll be in Molokai, Hawaii and will make sure to show you what our resort there looks like too. So stay tuned!

Alright, we’re off to prepare for the Manta Ray Snorkel tour tonight… talk to you tomorrow.

We appreciate You!

Nancy & Shawn

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