Picture of Nancy hanging with the kids at their school in China

Our Video Highlights from our Yangtze River Cruise in China

Here are some videos from our “Yangtze River” Cruise & Land Tour that we did in China with Viking River Cruises…



1. Check out these cute, cudly guys… what a highlight visiting the Zoo in Chongqing, China!


2. Here’s a compilation of a taste of some of the great music and performances we experienced during our Yangtze River Cruise in China


3. Here’s some footage of what sailing on the Mystic “Yangtze River” in China is like… talk about a peaceful setting!!


4. What an amazing Discovery this was back in 1974… the Terracotta Warriors in Xi’an, China!!


5. From one Wonder of the World to another… the “Great Wall”!! We truly did see all of China’s highlights on our “Yangtze River” Cruise Tour!


6. When in Beijing make sure to visit the Night Market… now notice we didn’t say make sure to eat at the Night Market… we’ll leave that up to you! 🙂


7. Here’s a clip of Shawn having his name spelled out in Chinese characters… try having to sign your name like that everyday. 🙂


We hope you enjoyed our scenes from Chinawhat a Beautiful Country!

To see all of our photos & videos from our “Yangtze River” Cruise & Land Tour in China, visit here.

We appreciate You!

Nancy & Shawn
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