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It’s been an interesting week around the “Power’s” house this week…

…in preparation for our 4+ month journey that starts with 5-6 weeks in Hawaii (in less then 2 weeks) we’ve been getting rid of everything… literally!! 🙂

Another garage sale (our 4th & last) and a couple of trips to the local charity this week… we’re almost cleaned out here besides the couple of suitcases we’re traveling with and the few pictures and momentos that’ll be stored.

And we have to say, it’s very freeing!! 🙂

We’re taking our advice that we wrote about in our Free eBook (titled STOP collecting Stuff and Start Creating Memories: 9 Great Reasons to Travel Now) to the extreme. 🙂

Now of course, to get all the great benefits of travel you don’t have to flip your life upside down as we’re doing… although its not a bad idea! 🙂

Just make sure you get away once or more every year and start collecting those memories that you’ll cherish forever!!

Alright, enough of the life lessons for now… we’ll be sharing more of “our story” on our blog in the weeks to come

…till then, here’s what happened this week on



So just what are UNESCO Sites anyways?

We’ve heard the question “What are UNESCO sites all about?” many times during our travels… here we share an article with you that answers that question. Click to Continue and check it out!

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Forget plastic surgery, here’s an easier way to have younger looking skin. 🙂

Today’s blog post is titled, “Forget plastic surgery, here’s an easier way to have younger looking skin.” and we are going to share with you a few “before and after” pictures to prove the point. Check it out…

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Top 8 things to do in Saint Petersburg, Russia

When visiting Saint Petersburg, Russia one thing you can’t say is there isn’t a lot to see and do there! This world class city has lots of culture, history and amazing experiences waiting for you! Here are our top 8 things to do in Saint Petersburg, Russia… enjoy.

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Check out our pictures of Tallinn, Estonia

During our visits to Baltic Sea cities a highlight was visiting Tallinn, Estonia. A beautiful, historic & charming city! Here’s our pictures of Tallinn, Estonia… enjoy!

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Things to see in Stockholm, Sweden

During our exploration of some of the major Baltic Sea cities we spent some time in Stockholm, Sweden. What a Beautiful place to check out! Here’s a recap of our time there… enjoy! 🙂

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As always, we appreciate You!

Nancy & Shawn

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