Weekly Wrap: Week of August 8th, 2011's Weekly Wrap LogoAs always when we fly between Vancouver, BC & St. John’s, NL (to visit our families back home) it takes a little while to get over the 4.5 hour time zone difference.

Safe to say, since we’ve been back in BC the past week our sleeping patterns have been a little off. 🙂

Never fear though, we managed to get 5 new blog posts published since Monday and this week we decided to add a new weekly feature to

our Weekly Wrap.

What’s that you ask??

It’s a summary of our blog posts that we’ll send out each Saturday with links to our Mon-Fri posts which will allow you to access anything you missed first time around.

Hopefully it helps you keep up to date with our travels, pictures, videos, deals, tips, etc.

So without further ado, here’s what happened this week on



How Good Is iPad for Traveling?

Here’s an awesome post for you written by a fellow travel blogger about whether using the iPad for Traveling is a good idea or not. Gary is an avid traveler and iPad user… Check out his post… and Enjoy!

Read the full post here


A look at some of the Best Tourist Attractions in Copenhagen

A couple of years ago we visited several “Baltic Sea” Cities… Copenhagen was definitely one of our favourites… here’s a look at some of the Best Tourist Attractions in Copenhagen.

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Pictures of some sites we saw while visiting Berlin, Germany

While visiting several cities along the “Baltic Sea” a couple of years back we had the opportunity of visiting Berlin, Germany…we’re glad we did as it’s a city with so much to offer and so much history!! Click below to see our pictures of the sites we saw while in this historic city.

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Love Travel? Then you’ll Love these “Move, Eat, Learn” Videos

A couple of days ago we watched the “Move, Eat, Learn” Videos (only 3 mins) and… Loved them!! As travel lovers & bloggers, they truly help us describe why we love what we do so much. Hopefully you’ll enjoy them too and we know they definitely add to our mission of “Inspiring YOU to Travel!” Click below to enjoy them now!

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An interesting video of a few things to do in Helsinki!

In Northern Europe one of it’s leading cities is Helsinki, Finland known for it’s stunning neoclassical buildings and often used as a backdrop for scenes for some popular Hollywood movies. Today we will be sharing a few pictures from our visit there and showing you a video of some things to do in Helsinki during your next visit.

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As always, we appreciate You!

Nancy & Shawn

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