"Welcome" & what the "Inspiring YOU to Travel!" is all about

Hi there,

Welcome sign for NancyandShawnPower.com

Nancy & Shawn here…

…we want to give you a big “Welcome” to our official blog at NancyandShawnPower.com!!

Many of you who know us, know Travel is our biggest passion in life (we eat, sleep and breathe it) and for those of you visiting us for the first time we’re sure you’ll figure that out pretty quickly too. 🙂

And that’s what this blog is all about… sharing our travel experiences, reviews, ideas, etc. with YOU, helping YOU understand the true importance of vacations & taking time out and ideally…

…Inspiring YOU to Travel!!

Now what do we mean by “Inspiring YOU to Travel!”?

Well, what it doesn’t mean is showing you cute pictures and maps and telling you about a bunch of destinations and encouraging you to take the occasional trip now and then.

It’s much more then that!

It’s about helping you see how Travel can enrich your life in many, many ways helping you create an amazing life & lifestyle!

For us travel has been the vehicle that has truly enhanced the important areas of our lives (our health, our personal relationship, the amount of fun we have, etc.) more then anything else and our goal is to help you do the same.

In fact, from our extensive experience of traveling, we’ve identified 9 specific areas where travel and vacations have enriched our lives and we wrote an entire eBook about it… you can download it for free here to learn more.

So as we continue our travels around the world, and blog about them along the way, our ideas and stories will be about, yes, showing you destinations, giving you tips, etc. but as importantly we want to help you see (and ideally inspire you) through our real life example how these 9 areas of your life are improved greatly by travel…

…and if we do our jobs right, from there you’ll be “inspired” to make vacations a more frequent part of your life…

…ideally helping you be blessed with an amazing life & lifestyle as we have!

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We’re so happy you stopped by our site today and we truly hope to see more of you…

…we appreciate you!

Nancy & Shawn

P.S. Our 1st blog from the “road” will be on Tuesday, June 28th as we start another amazing journey in… Alaska!!