Nancy & Shawn’s Rant: AKA Why We do what We do

Nancy & Shawn Power's blog caution rant aheadA while back we were walking to a car rental agency not far from the condo we were staying at near Disneyland, California. We know the tricks to getting the best rates for a car rental and we were celebrating secretly with each other about the great deal we had gotten the car for just before we got to the pick up office.

While inside, a young family walked in behind us and asked if they had any cars to rent. The other counter clerk starts punching away at the keys of her computer, tells them the price and immediately Shawn and I look at each other eyes wide open in disbelief

… How could they do that to this couple! Shawn leans over to my ear and says in a serious tone, “I’d never pay that much for that vehicle, that’s crazy!”.

We immediately went into “feeling bad for the couple” mode who clearly just got ripped off and it bothered us still as we drove off. Still shaking our heads, the conversation in the car for the next 20 minutes was something like “I wanted to say something at the time, but it wasn’t our place to interfere. Yeah me too”…

… and there have been “countless” situations like this over the years, and now that we are traveling full time, it happens so much that it really pisses us off!

Each week while taking a dip in the pool or while cooking a steak at the BBQ we are bombarded with either talking to or overhearing families, couples, seniors, you name it, telling us or there friends how much they paid for this and that while on vacation.

And the accommodations- well! … don’t even get us started on that one it’s the part of travel that people get dinged on the most. The worst thing is that most people would CRINGE if they knew know much more it was costing them over their next door neighbor staying in the exact same room!

Nancy & Shawn Power's Passion SignSo our mission is to help families save money and STOP them from getting ripped off, by sharing ideas that will save people the most money without compromising on the quality of their vacations… like our Travel Club for instance.

As it stands, we are thrilled to get positive feedback and personal stories of thanks from families. One couple told us they were able to take an “extra week vacation” this year because the savings were so good on their last vacation. Not bad right? 🙂

Anyways, as you can imagine, it’s been super rewarding for us to share our tips and tricks with You, our readers.

As long as there are working hotels, car rental agencies and people preparing for vacations of a lifetime, we will be here to help them and You.

Again, Thank You for reading and being a part of our community…

We Appreciate You!

Nancy & Shawn

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