Video Review And How Much We Saved Through Our Travel Club At The Wyndham Cypress Palms Resort In Kissimmee, Florida

Pool at the Wyndham Cypress Palms in Kissimmee, Florida near Disneyworld

There’s one of the 2 pools at the “Wyndham Cypress Palms” Resort where we called “Home” for the week while visiting Walt Disney World in Florida

Have you ever thought about taking your kids and family on a dream trip to Walt Disney World in Florida but once you saw the high price of accommodations (especially those located inside Disneyworld) you simply put that idea aside?

How sad… we hate seeing people’s vacation dreams not coming true!

Well, what if there was a way you could make your family’s dreams come true WITHOUT breaking
the bank… what if you
could save as much as 13-16 times on your stay compared to what Disney charges… would you reconsider that trip and enjoy making memories to last a lifetime?

Well, we’re excited to be writing this blog to you right now during our week’s stay just outside the Walt Disney World Resort in Kissimmee, Florida as we “are” doing just that – saving 13-16 times on our stay compared to Disney’s prices. (Our video below shows you the full details)

Listen to this…

The resort we’re at is called the “Wyndham Cypress Palms”. It’s a huge resort made up of lovely vacation homes just outside of Disneyworld that’s surrounded by a beautiful lake and on site has 2 gorgeous pools, 2 spa hot tubs, a kids playground, a modern gym, an activities center, BBQs for grilling, a crafts making area, etc, etc.

The condo we’re staying in has 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, sleeps up to 8 people, a full kitchen, washer/dryer, separate living room & dining area. The master bedroom has a king bed with separate jacuzzi & shower, the list goes on and on.

Needless to say, it’s a great spot to sleep comfortably and safely. To play and sunbath. And to fill the fridge with groceries and feed your family delicious meals without breaking the bank by going to expensive restaurants and cringing when the bill arrives.

It’s truly a “home away from home”! And, for some, an exciting upgrade.

The best part though is how much we paid for this place, and we did it using the International Travel Club we are members of. (That’s the trick to saving as much as we did, being a member of a private club and accessing private, non-published rates).

We show you the full review of our place in the below video and the exact deal we got, so be sure to check it out. But before that, you know what’s funny?…

…the night before we checked in here, we stayed at a Holiday Inn for one night and paid $40 MORE then we’re paying each night here and no kidding, this place is 4 times bigger.

Kind of a crazy when you think about it, right?

Alright, so here’s our video showing you around our condo at the Wyndham Cypress Palms and around the resort itself… and we then show you the great deal we got for 7 nights… FYI, our Disney tickets for the two of us for 4 days (without the park hopper option) cost more then our resort staynot bad!! 🙂

(Tip: For best viewing click the Full Screen mode in the very bottom right corner of the video!)

We hope you enjoyed the video!

Well listen, if you are curious about how we get those great rates and would like to learn more about the travel club and how to easily become happy members like us, just click here for the details.

We are happy to share our experience as members with you and answer any questions you have so just let us know how we can help.

Happy traveling!

We Appreciate You,

Nancy & Shawn

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