Video Review And How Much We Saved Through Our Travel Club At The Wyndham Grand Desert Resort In Las Vegas, Nevada

The Wyndham Grand Desert Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada

There’s the Wyndham Grand Desert Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada where we’ve been enjoying our week

While here in Las Vegas this week we’re staying at a really nice resort that we booked through our International Travel Club

…and like our other 5 stays booked at resorts through our club the past couple of months, we saved a very significant amount of money here in Vegas… just about 50% compared to the lowest price we could find online through the big booking engines or through the resort directly… so a very nice savings!!

And in a moment we’ll show you a video of the great place we’re staying and the exact savings we got but first we just wanted to mention while at this resort we attended a timeshare presentation about the opportunity of “owning” a piece of this place.

Believe it or not, even though we’ve traveled a ton over the years, we’d never been to a timeshare presentation before… and we can confidently say, we’ll never attend one again!! 🙂

Now don’t get us wrong, we’re not knocking the timeshare companies and the people who own them (to each his own and we’re happy that it gets people out traveling, which is our ultimate goal) but to us…

…they’re simply grossly overpriced and you’re paying for decades/too much travel at one time…

…and we truly hated the high pressured sales presentation they did which was mostly smoke and mirrors with bare bones information about what you’re really buying… which, as we all know is necessary to make sound decisions when you’re thinking of spending thousands of dollars!

We won’t go into any more of that here as we wrote an entire blog post about our experience (click here to read it… we believe it’s very valuable info that any traveler needs to read!) but the point of bringing it up here is to reiterate the point that we paid under half this week of what the typical timeshare owner, staying at the exact same resort, would have.

And that’s why we use and recommend the membership for our Travel Club to others… we just simply love saving money and helping our readers save money too when they travel and making sure they’re informed of all the travel options out there!

Alright, here’s the video of where we’re staying this week… as you watch keep in mind there are people staying on the Las Vegas Strip in tiny hotel rooms (2 blocks away) paying 2-3 times “and more” to sleep there…

…and they get the big crowds, no coffee in room, over-priced everything and noisy/smoky casinos to go with it…

…let’s just say, this is our 6th time in Vegas, we’ve always done the “mega-resort on the strip” stays before and this is definitely our most pleasant time here yet.

Enjoy the video!

(Tip: For best viewing click the Full Screen mode in the very bottom right corner of the video!)

We appreciate you!

Nancy & Shawn

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